Gardening Tips for Getting Green Lawn

A study has explained that watching natural scenery and flowers will decrease your stress and makes you happy. Have you ever fascinated by seeing lawn and think of getting green lawn in your garden.  Here some simple course of action for growing a green lawn. First step is checking what type of soil and texture you have in garden. By knowing the proper soil it’s easy to select what type of grass seed can be used.

Many grasses requires more sunlight to grow and some needs less sunlight you have to chose perfect type of turf based upon sunlight. More over additional growing of grass in shady areas tiny longer helps absorb extra energy and provide equal green lawn throughout the turf. Watering the lawn less often but more deeply is required because deep watering will gives more water to root of the grass which helps in growing. Mowing will maintain the lawn greener all through the year. By mowing the grass for particular length makes the root of the grass very strong and green look to your lawn. Proper fertilizer must be used in order to give all essential nutrients to the grass will make the lawn greener.

If you organic fertilizer for grass clippings you can cut fertilization cost up to twenty five percentages. Removing weeds is very important in lawn care for maintaining lawn physical condition and greenness. You lawn must be free from insects, pest and disease for maintain the green lawn. You can control these by using chemical or biological pesticides .Aeration is for good growth grass which helps in help in decrease of the density of the soil. By this we can get better water, nutrient and air circulation to the grass roots. Green lawn will provide natural beauty to your garden which helps you to relax and stress free.


Decorate Your Beautiful Home with Modern Bedroom Furniture

Bedroom is favorite place in home for many people. Because it a can creates exact atmosphere for resting, sleeping and spending time with family members. The people who are living in small apartments or houses will choose modern bedroom furniture because they are particularly designed to give prolific look and saves more space. So your room looks larger, stylish, neat and comfortable. Choosing furniture requires Vigilant and ideal plan and also suits their own taste.

The modern furniture is preferred for giving luxurious look and classy. People looking for stylish option can opt for modern stage bed according to their modern wall color or design. The body structure must match your modern couch frame. Due to progress in technology you can buy furniture in any size, color, shape and design. Nowadays furniture is mostly black and white in colors with neat and random lines. Black and White is considered as the most modern color combinations ruling today’s world bedroom furniture. This furniture is made up of wood and steels for their rich looks and tradition. These are designed with lesser weight and size according to the customers wish.

The modern bedroom furniture must be furnished according the color and light setting of the bedroom. Soft fabrics such as cotton, wool and silk are used as bed sheets, pillow covers according to the color and size of bedroom.  Bed headboard should bout the furnishings in the room. Screen and curtains will change the gaze of your room and their color must be selected carefully. The furniture you are buying should match your quality needs and never compromise for price. When choosing the furniture think about size, color your bedroom. Modern bedroom furniture you selected needs to satisfy your personal ideas and taste.

Get Customized Dog Portrait Painting Service from the Professionals

The dog portrait is the latest trend among the pet lovers. They need to snap their favorite moment with their pet and loves to prevent the snap for years. You can get snapped a digital photography. The dog portrait paintings are very realistic and add more call to your paintings. You can get a help of professionals to snap your favorite moments. The paintings are available in different types. You need to choose perfect painting material that last long. The professional will help you to select perfect paintings. The water color is used to the classy look. The oil paintings offer more life to your paintings.

You can able to customize the painting service. You can add your image or excellent background image in the dog portrait painting. The expert has vast experience in the color combination. They can draw your favorite pet animal without losing its individual personality. The eyes ad fur color is most important in the dog painting. The eye determines the behavior of the dog. The fur color determines the age and breed of your dog. You can also customize the painting service with the professionals. You can add your favorite background or your personal image with the portrait paintings.

You can snap the most cherished moment with your pet digitally and convert into fine paintings. The fine art adds more liveliness to your paintings. The professional can draw a dog portrait from photo without losing the individuality. The professional has vast experience and satisfy your need in the fog paintings

Andaman & Nicobar Islands Port Blair


The Andaman and Nicobar Islands is a mysterious land shimmer in the Bay of Bengal. The islands are more popular for its inaccessibility for centuries. The thick forests which coat these islands make the destination perfect for nature and peace lovers. The countless striking flowers, animals and birds make an extremely poetic and idealistic atmosphere. The silver sand beaches with the palm tree on the edge of coastal line add more rhythm to the sea. The bang of tribal musical instrument haunts the quietness and the multicolor fishers steer the beauty of the Andaman Sea. The strangers from all over the world made a huge impact on Andaman and Nicobar culture.

Historic overview:                                                       

The history of the Andaman and Nicobar islands starts in the first millennium.  The Chinese named the island as Yeng t Omag. The island also took part in the world first map. The Persian geographer tagged the island as fortune islands in the sixth century. The Arab travelers during the eight century mentioned the islands as lakhabalus.  The history dates back as the East India Company occupied this place as their territory. The East India Company recognized a punishing outpost where criminals convict for offenses against them. The Andaman and Nicobar Island was fully colonized by the British people and Portuguese naval force after defeating the Kanhoji Angre sovereignty.

Cultural Overview:

Andaman and Nicobar Islands are the popular traveler’s destination in India for the people in search of peace and comfort.

People: The native person of Andaman and Nicobar Islands are tribal communities. This tribal’s are one of the oldest tribal communities in the world.

Language and religion: the peoples are mostly residing in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands are from the mainland. The place is known for various religions and languages.

Local Festivals & Art and music: Many festivals are celebrated in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The tribal culture and music are most famous in this island.

Food:  Andaman and Nicobar Islands are very famous for its seafood. The famous foods available in all hotels are south Indian food and Chinese recipes.

 Travel within the city:

Andaman and Nicobar Islands is a beautiful land of stunning landscape and long silver beaches. Walking is an excellent way to explore the beauty of the city. Buses from Port Blair connect the entire major place in Andaman. The boats with bus parking facility are used as linking medium for connecting the roadways between two islands.

Eating Out:

New Lighthouse Restaurant: The open air seafood restaurants place is an ideal place for travelers to enjoy the amazing dishes while sitting in their car. The grilled fish is most popular dish in the restaurants.

Waves:  The open air restaurants in the opposite of coast make this ideal for travelers to enjoy their cuisine. 


Andaman and Nicobar Islands are a treasure house for the travelers to get various man made handicrafts and souvenir items. The government owns an emporium called Sagarika in the center of Port Blair. This is an excellent place for travelers to buy various handicrafts and shell item at an affordable price. The emporium provides lively hood for the people in the Andaman.

Weather and Best Time to Visit:

Andaman has a modest temperature all over the year usually the temperature ranges from 23°C to 31°C. The season is warm but excellent with the sea breeze. The humidity level is 80% and ideal for all kinds of tourist activities.  The winter season between the December and February is not too chilly and its excellent time for travelers to visit this city.

How to Reach By:

By Air: Port Blair the capital city of Andaman and Nicobar Islands is connected with Chennai and Kolkata airport round the year. It usually takes 6 hours to reach Port Blair by air and it takes 8 hours from Kolkata.  

By Seaways: Regular traveler ship services are obtainable to Port Blair from Chennai, Calcutta and Vishakhapatnam and back. The ship travel is very reasonable compared to the air travel to reach Andaman.

 15 Attractions:

1. Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park: Mahatma Gandhi Marine Park is located 29 Km away from the Port Blair and it extends up to the 281.5 Sq. Kms. The park is made up of an open sea, 15 small islands and creeks.

2. Gandhi Park:  This gorgeous park at Port Blair has amenities like enjoyment rides, and nature trail around the lake, garden safe water sports and restaurant. The place is very famous for its historic monuments and temples. The total area of this Gandhi Park is developed in the shortest period of time that to within 13 days.

3. Sippighat Farm:  The farm is a research and development center of Andaman. The main intention of this park is to cultivate the rare plants and spices to make the Andaman rich and wealthy. The center is responsible for the Andaman Islands vegetation and agriculture.

4. Chidiya Tapu: this place is located 25 km from the astonishing city Port Blair. The Chidiya Tapu is the southernmost tip of South Andaman. The place is very famous among the travelers for its scenic beauty, exciting landscape and beautiful lush green environments.

5. Collinpur: Collinpur is a beautiful sandy beach with the shallow water. The place is very ideal for travelers willing to enjoy various water sport activities like swimming, viewing sunset and sun basking. It’s one of the most beautiful beaches in Andaman region.

6. Cellular Jail: The cellular jail is punishment outpost established by the British India management. Later this jail become as a burial ground for several Indians.  Cellular Jail is well known for unkind tortures to prisoners. This jail was firstly used to hold supporters of the 1857 Revolt then changed as Prison for Indian Freedom fighters.

7. Ross Island: this island is located very near to the Port Blair main city. This island is considered as the official residence of British rulers in Andaman. Ross Island is situated in entrance of Port Blair port. This island was the administrative headquarters of British Colonial Rulers.

8. Mount Harriet: this is beautiful island having the highest mountain in Andaman. This city is located 50 kilometers from the capital city of Andaman Port Blair. The beautiful city is considered as the headquarters of this island during the British period.

9. Cinque Island: The lure of submarine coral gardens and untouched beaches particularly sand bars joining the two islands make this place more stunning. This island provides peaceful resort in the coastal line of untouched beach and uncontaminated environment. Camp ability is obtainable near Radhanagar beach.

10. Neil Island: the island is located 36 kilometers from the capital city Port Blair. This good-looking island with flourishing green woodland and sandy beach is the vegetable bowl of Andaman and Nicobar islands. The island is connected with boats and ferries from Port Blair.

11. Long Island: the long island is located 82 kilometers from the Port Blair. The island is connected by the boats and ferries. The island is a beautiful place with lots of coastal lines all over it.  The sea around the island is frequented by dolphin convoys.

12. Rangat:  The Rangat is a beautiful city located in the middle Andaman. The city is 170 kilometers away from port Blair. One can take pleasure in the calm village life and the loneliness of the virgin natural world here.

13. Mayabunder: Mayabunder is the northern most tip of the middle Andaman. This city is 242 kilometers away from the beautiful Port Blair. Seaways are excellent options to reach Mayabunder than the roadways. It’s one of the popular terminals where the ships from Kolkata halt here.

14. Andaman Museums: The Andaman and Nicobar Island is very famous it’s various museums. Here are some popular museums in Andaman. The Anthropological Museum is dedicated to the tribal peoples residing in Andaman for several years.

15. Adventure Sports: The Andaman and Nicobar Island is home to several adventurous Watersports activities throughout the year. The long beaches beep crystal clear water and amazing weather makes this place ideal for all Watersports activities.

Central India Tour – Travel to beautiful land of India

The rich culture and heritage monuments attract more numerous numbers of tourists to this part of the world. The state of Madhya Pradesh is considered as central point of India and also considered as heart of this country. This place is famous for its exciting architectures and palaces. Tourists are frequently visiting this place for its exciting landscape and world class heritage monuments. The central India tour is more enjoyable and celebrated travel place in India. The undiscovered scenic beauty of thick jungles and rare wild animals attract more number of tourists throughout the year.

The tour packages to Central India gives the travelers enthralling experience to sight historic monuments, scenic beauties, spiritual temples and various scenic lakes. The place is famous for natural lovers who are willing to explore the beauties of undiscovered area. The rich flora and fauna life attracts many trekking lovers and wildlife photographers to snap the exciting beauties of this place. The exciting place attracts international tourists to India. The travelers will be delighted to gaze the beauty of natural sceneries and manmade heritage monuments. Here is some most exciting and famous trip destination in India.

Khajuraho is the tiny rural place famous for its glorious temples and historic monuments. The excellent architecture and stone sculptures attract huge numbers of tourists. The various Dhubela Museum, Panna Park, Pandava and Benisagar Lake are the famous tourist attraction to the small villages. The forts and palaces show you the architectural ability of ancient Indians.

The city of Gwalior is called as palace town of India. The Gwalior fort is prime and glorious memorial of this beautiful city. In past this fort was battle spot, jauhars and caging. The fort wall is about 35 feet tall and ancient Indian emperor king Babur Sculpture is there in this fort. Gujari Mahal historical monument is under archeological department. It’s built during 15th century by Raja Mansigh Tomar for his wife.

This palace has seen many ancient battles between Mughals and Rajputs. Jaivilas Palace and Museum is the residing place of Scindia family at the moment. About 35 rooms are modified into Jivaji Rao Scindia Museum.  Tansens Tomb is the funeral shining emperor Tansen. He was one of the nine jewels in Akbar’s court. This tomb is an architectural mark of Mughals emperors and   cultural heritage of India. This historic tomb will host the national level music festival in India.

Bhopal is the state capital of Madhya Pradesh. Bhopal is the city of implementation monuments like stonework mosques, stone temples, and marvelous statues. It’s the one of well-known tourist destination in central India. This is also a place for national park and wildlife sanctuary in India where you can see and enjoy lot of animals, birds and natural vegetation. This city is one of the important pilgrim centers for Sikhs and Jains.  Bhopal is one of the best touring places in India for knowing the ancient and historical age of India.  This city is also called as Lake City for its two marvelous lakes. The major attractions of this city are Taj-ul-Masjid, Upper Lake, Lower Lake, and district Science hub.

Sanchi is one of the ancient historic monuments in India. This city is famous for its world class pillars, temples and monuments. This monument is built by the great king Emperor Asoka during third century. The various stone sculptures, Asoka pillar and museums attract many numbers of tourists throughout the year. This place adds more value to this place. The historic tour package is available to visit this famous monument at any time.

National park of Kanha is top rated natural wildlife reserves in India. This place inspired the great writer Rudyard Kipling to finish his marvelous book named Jungle book. This part is known for its different types of flora and fauna. The exciting feature attracts huge numbers of adventurer’s trekkers and wildlife photographers. This park offers to gaze various rare animals like tiger, solitary leopard, and foxes.

Various Central India tour packages are available with us to visit this splendorous place without any hassles. Travelling Central India is good choice to learn about Indian culture, customs and vast olden times. It’s the ideal touring place for ancient history and adventure lovers. Continue reading

Top Tips for Beginners to Paint Dog Portrait from a Photo

Painting the best moment of dog definitely cherishes the dog lovers. The dog is an excellent companion for human for many years. You can paint your lovable dog portrait from a photo. The painting requires lots of skill and knowledge of color mixing. Here are some important tips on painting a dog portrait. The dog cannot stand in a single place for some time. You no need to stress to make your dog stand on a place. You can get photography of a dog and use it for painting. You need to know entire features of the dog breed. The simple changes in the nose or eye can lose the individuality of your dog.

Observe your dog perfectly before starting your painting. The hair is more important in the dog portrait paintings. You need to analyze the hair length, color and curliness of your dog hair. Your dog painting looks different without perfect hair. You need to perfectly notice the hairstyle of your dog. The eyes are an important factor in the painting. False eye combination will change the personality of your dog. You need to draw your dog eye with correct size and the proportion. The different breed of dog has different eye color. You need to correctly follow the eye color for the perfect painting.

The ear will determine the personality of your dog. The length of the ear is more important in the dog portrait painting. The legs and paws are very different with breeds. The leg length needs to match the dog body else it loose realism in the paintings. The age of the dogs is determined by the white fur in the face of the dog. By following the step you can perfectly paint your dog with more realism.

Learn How to Paint a Dog Portrait from a Photo

Painting a dog portrait is an excellent opportunity to snap the best moment with your pet. The dog portrait painting guide will teach simple tips in painting. Initially you need to select the painting material. You can use like oil paintings, charcoal, watercolor, sketch and abstract painting. The material you opting need to choose the theme of your painting. The sketch and charcoal paintings are used for painting without using the dog identity. The oil and water color paintings are ideal to add a background to your image. The abstract painting can be used to exhibit your creativity. You can choose best painting material based on the theme of your painting.

You can also paint a dog portrait from a photo. It’s excellent for beginners and they cannot able to control dog to stand in a place. You can snap an image of your dog and use it for painting. The lighting is very important in photography and the shade can affect the quality of the picture. The natures light are very import in the photography. The artificial light will affect the individuality of your pet dog. The outdoors snapping is recommended for taking photography. You can experiment with various pose which help beginner to select perfect image for drawing. The pose needs to match the nature of the dog breed. The different breed dog looks perfect in particular pose.

In dog portrait paintings start with the outline sketch. You can use a different color combination for making the perfect paintings. The eyes and fur color are important in the dog paintings. Follow these steps and make perfect paintings.