Learn How to Paint a Dog Portrait from a Photo

Painting a dog portrait is an excellent opportunity to snap the best moment with your pet. The dog portrait painting guide will teach simple tips in painting. Initially you need to select the painting material. You can use like oil paintings, charcoal, watercolor, sketch and abstract painting. The material you opting need to choose the theme of your painting. The sketch and charcoal paintings are used for painting without using the dog identity. The oil and water color paintings are ideal to add a background to your image. The abstract painting can be used to exhibit your creativity. You can choose best painting material based on the theme of your painting.

You can also paint a dog portrait from a photo. It’s excellent for beginners and they cannot able to control dog to stand in a place. You can snap an image of your dog and use it for painting. The lighting is very important in photography and the shade can affect the quality of the picture. The natures light are very import in the photography. The artificial light will affect the individuality of your pet dog. The outdoors snapping is recommended for taking photography. You can experiment with various pose which help beginner to select perfect image for drawing. The pose needs to match the nature of the dog breed. The different breed dog looks perfect in particular pose.

In dog portrait paintings start with the outline sketch. You can use a different color combination for making the perfect paintings. The eyes and fur color are important in the dog paintings. Follow these steps and make perfect paintings.


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