Top Tips for Beginners to Paint Dog Portrait from a Photo

Painting the best moment of dog definitely cherishes the dog lovers. The dog is an excellent companion for human for many years. You can paint your lovable dog portrait from a photo. The painting requires lots of skill and knowledge of color mixing. Here are some important tips on painting a dog portrait. The dog cannot stand in a single place for some time. You no need to stress to make your dog stand on a place. You can get photography of a dog and use it for painting. You need to know entire features of the dog breed. The simple changes in the nose or eye can lose the individuality of your dog.

Observe your dog perfectly before starting your painting. The hair is more important in the dog portrait paintings. You need to analyze the hair length, color and curliness of your dog hair. Your dog painting looks different without perfect hair. You need to perfectly notice the hairstyle of your dog. The eyes are an important factor in the painting. False eye combination will change the personality of your dog. You need to draw your dog eye with correct size and the proportion. The different breed of dog has different eye color. You need to correctly follow the eye color for the perfect painting.

The ear will determine the personality of your dog. The length of the ear is more important in the dog portrait painting. The legs and paws are very different with breeds. The leg length needs to match the dog body else it loose realism in the paintings. The age of the dogs is determined by the white fur in the face of the dog. By following the step you can perfectly paint your dog with more realism.


2 thoughts on “Top Tips for Beginners to Paint Dog Portrait from a Photo

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