Manali – Trip To Snow Land Of India


Manali is a beautiful hill station located in Himachal Pradesh. The snow covered mountains and exciting weather attract more travelers to Manali. Manali trip has now materialized as one of the most important traveler spots due to its spectacular ski locations and stunning snowstorm through winters and haughty peaks protecting it. It is situated at approximately two thousand meter altitude in the Himalayas on the Beas River, is an environmental wonder and a remarkable small delight enclosed in luminous white snow. It has also gathered overall interest in current years with the exposure of its elevated grades tranquil for skiing and climbing by different obsessive mountaineers.

Historic overview:

Manali has more myth than the history. Based on the Hindu mythology, Manali is home to lawgiver Manu. The great king saved Manali from various troubles. Manali is a beautiful and lovely hill station. The weather is very optimal round the year. The British discovered this city during the 20th century. Its climate and beautiful natural landscape attract lots of travelers from all over the world. Manali slowly began to obtain the status of a tourist destination. This city gained more popularity among the travelers in past two decades. After a long history, Manali becomes a base camp for travelers willing to trek the beautiful Himalayan Mountains.

Cultural overview:

People: The people of Manali are considering as oldest origin of India. The Tibetan and inland refugees start coming from Tibet and settled in Manali.

Language and religion: the people in Manali usually speak languages like Hindi, English, Tibetan and Pahari. The inhabitant of Manali is Buddhist religion. The tribal people follow the own customs and culture.

Local Festivals & Art and music: The festival seasons are more famous in Manali. The people from Manali are Buddhist followers they rejoice all the Buddhist functions astonishingly.

Food: Manali is a cold weathered city. It’s very enjoyable in summer and sub-zero cold in the winter. The wheat and fresh vegetables are the most common foods in Manali. Tribal people still go for hunting.

 Travel within the City:

Manali is a gorgeous city with a spotless environment. The cool weather, obviously perfumed air and pleasant breeze solve out all your stress and make you contented. Travelers from all over the world love to visit this beautiful city. Manali is covered with peaks and mountains. Yak riding is excellent choice to explore the beauty of Manali. These buses run at permanent times and are the best way to attain the nearby traveler’s destinations.

Eating Out:

Manali is an outstanding destination for enjoying the traditional Indian foods. The foods are reasonably priced to accommodate the travelers from all over the world. Here are some popular restaurants in Manali.

Chopsticks: the well-known restaurant in Manali serves Indian, Chinese and Tibetan foods. This is one of the oldest restaurants in this beautiful city.                

Khyber: the upstairs hotel provides an exciting view of the city. This restaurant hosts the Indian, Chinese and Tibetans food stuffs.


Manali is very renowned for Tibetans handicraft and knickknacks. The thick forest and abundant lumber accessibility the wood carvings are very cheap in Manali. This place is perfect to get authentic and good excellence woolen dresses. The woolen garments are available in the latest style and trend. The Tibetan and native Manali residents have a practice of handicrafts, which are obtainable in abundance.

Weather and Best Time to Visit:

Manali is situated in the foothills of Himalayan Mountain. The Manali experience cool and pleasant weather throughout the year. Travelers love to travel these places during summer season. You can experience low temperature during winter’s hover around zero degrees.

The most outstanding time to visit this beautiful city is during the October and December. It’s also ideal to time to tour Manali in the June. The breezes from Himalayan mountain chili out this beautiful city further. Throughout this time, the climate is very enjoyable and warmth never crosses 27°C and lowest amount is about 10°C. Through this time, one can take pleasure in lots of things like boating, paddling, fishing, trekking etc.

How to Reach By:

By Air: Bhuntar Airport is the nearest airport to the beautiful city Manali. It’s located 50 Kms away from Manali.  The Bhuntar airport well linked with the Delhi international airport.

By Road: Manali has an excellent road network. The city is well connected with all major cities in India.  Private buses in Himachal Pradesh connect this beautiful city.

By Train: Joginder Nagar nearest railway station near to Manali. The station is located 50 km from Manali. All the major cities well connected by these stations.

15 traveler’s attraction in Manali:

1. Hadimba Temple:  the Hadimba temple in Manali is dedicated to lord Hadimba. The temple is well linked with the ancient Hindu myth.  The temple was constructed in the year 1553. The structure and design of this temple are very similar to Pandava temple. The architecture of this temple is stunning.

2. Tibetan Monasteries: larger number of Tibetan migration lives in this place. The Monasteries were built in the year 1969. The main attractions of this spiritual residence are a medium-sized statue of Lord Buddha and bright wall paintings.

3. Nyingamapa Gompa Monasteries: the Himalayan Nyingamapa Gompa is the famous Monasteries in Manali. The temple was dedicated to the Lord Buddha. The structure of the temple is very similar to the Tibetan monasteries.

4. Manu Temple: the temple is one of the famous tourist attractions in Manali. The temple was dedicated to Manu. It’s considered that the Manali derived from the Manu. The historical and mythological structure lots of travelers from all over the world.

5. Rohtang Pass: this beautiful place is located 51 km away from the beautiful city Manali. The place is famous for highest road in the world. The road covers the beautiful Himalayan mountain range. Adventure travelers love to visit this beautiful place for a thrilling experience.

6. Rehalla Falls:  the beautiful falls are located 16 km away from the Manali city center. The fall originated in the dripping water from dissolving glaciers and perpendicular stones. The waterfall is 9,000. The stunning view and exciting landscape attract lots of travelers from all over the world.

7. Vashist Springs:  the beautiful spring is located just 3 km away from Manali. The spring rises out in the stone of Vashist. It’s believed that the water has the capability of curing several diseases. Travelers from all over the world visit this beautiful spring.

 8. Arjun Gufa: the beautiful and historical place is located 15 km away from the beautiful city Manali. The ancient Hindu mythology states that the Pandava brothers stayed in these beautiful place. They attain Pashupata Ashtra in this place.

9. Jagatsukh: its located just 6 km away from the beautiful city Manali. The place is home to the biggest rural community in Manali. The city is located on the riverbanks of Beas. The temple is dedicated to lord Shiva. In ancient past the place served as capital to Manali.

10. Nehru Kund: it’s located on the Manali-Keylong Road. The beautiful place is located just 6 km away from Manali. The Kund inherited its name from Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Nehru Kund is chiefly noted for the freshwater spring, which starts off from the Brhigu Lake.

11. Roerich Art Gallery: the famous art gallery is home with paintings of Nicholas Roerich. This artist came from Russia and stayed in this beautiful place. Roerich was a gifted artist and had the dream of uniting the world by means of imaginative creations.

12. Naggar: this beautiful heritage hotel is located just 28 Km away from Manali. The place is home to   the Naggar Castle earlier, currently, the home is converted into a heritage hotel by the tourism department in Manali.

13. Rahala waterfalls: Rahala waterfalls and the Rozy falls which are positioned at the launching spot of Rohtang exceed. Ramble up the Rohtang exceed and sight the imposing Himalayan Mountains from up on the crest where the cold breezes will make your spirit tremble in the face of the huge Mountains.

14. Prini town: Devi Sharvati temple and a Shiva temple build in the Shikara technique of construction are two major holds of Jagatsukh. It will spotlight on Arjun Gufa. This visitor’s intention sited in Prini town is in a space of five kilometers from Manali. In the delayed dusk, travel around trip will go back to lodge for feast and all night stay.

15. The Solang valley: the Solang valley is a popular traveler’s destination in Manali. The snow covered mountain, stunning view of glacier, exciting landscape makes this place perfect. The valley located just 13 km away from the beautiful city Manali. The valley is residence to Mountaineering and Allied Sports hostel Manali. Get to Manali and enjoy your trip amazingly.


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