Importance of SEO in Web Design

SEO is very important in web design and the right strategies have to be implemented to benefit from a fully effective website. Web design is an integral element of any website. It decides the basic framework and performance of the website, and SEO is the most important consideration for a web designer.
The very existence of a website depends on the success of its SEO strategy. A winning web design is therefore one that successfully incorporates SEO considerations. SEO web designshould ensure the website is easily navigable for users, and for the search engine algorithms to follow through. The website should also load quickly.

How Google Penguin Influences Web Design 

Google’s Penguin algorithmic updates focus more on user-friendliness. So the web design must not interfere with the content of the website which is unarguably most important. Quality content, instant page loading and easy navigation are given more emphasis by Google’s updated algorithms. The objectives of attaining favorable search rankings, attracting maximum traffic and facilitating greater conversions decide the way the website should be designed and its various elements arranged  – content sections, images, interface, videos, shopping cart, and so on.

Reducing Bounce Rate for Increased Conversions 

Users visiting your website should be motivated to stay there and check its many features which would lead them to sign up for your products or services, fill up forms or directly purchase your stuff through your ecommerce page. One of the major objectives of SEO web design is to ensure reduced bounce rate – keeping visitors in your website. Increased bounce rate not only reduces the chances of conversions, but also leads search engine algorithms to rank the website lower.

Designing a Simple and Attractive Interface

An attractive design and a pleasant interface can help improve user experience and bring more traffic to your website. This is one of the key focuses of website design. For this it is important to balance simplicity and attractiveness. Images and animation make a website attractive, but too many of them could make a website slow to load depending on the speed of the Internet connection of users.

Impressing Audience within Eight Seconds

It is said that eight seconds is generally the time in which a website should manage to impress the audience and make them its customers. It’s easy for users to lose patience with a website that loads at snail’s pace. Website design should therefore include the right balance between attractive design elements and simplicity. The design or interface should not inhibit the user’s ability to go through content, product listings, and other aspects.
The importance of SEO in web design is perfectly understood by a website design company which is basically an SEO company.  A reliable firm will offer flexible and result-oriented services.

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