Budgerigar Parrots- Guide to Choosing a Budgie

General information:

Budgies are the most lovable pet all over the world. The budgies are very small, noisy and playful bird. Few budgies in your home produce ample sound which makes you feel that you are in the center of Australian forest. The budgies are wild birds in the Australian forest. It lives in flocks in the forest. The budgies are capable making a mimicking speech in practice. The budgies also called as the Budgerigar Parrots and it’s the member of parakeet family. The American variety is the direct breeding of Australian budgies and it commonly found in every pet store.

The English budgies also called as the show budgies. It’s often used in exhibitions and circus. The exhibition budgies are quiet larger and have a unique appearance than the American budgies. The life span of budgies varies between 15-20 years. The budgies are very funny pet to keep in your home. They are very intelligent, lively and playful. They capable speaking and perform tricks with little practice. The budgie is most excellent pet to light up your home. The budgie can be hand tamed with little practice. The budgies have excellent memory capacity and intelligent too. You need to spend lots of time with it to recognize you.

Keeping budgie in single is a quicker way to tame it quicker. The budgie loves to be in the flock you need to spend a lot of time and skills to hand tame the budgie perfectly. The budgie is capable of developing its own personality. The budgies are like the parrots and it’s capable of interacting with human effectively. Petting the budgies is an excellent way to teach children about loyalty and responsibility. It is an excellent pet for isolated senior citizens and children, to get rid of their loneliness. Keeping the budgie is very simple and tricky. You need to select right cage and fed it regularly on time.

Selecting the budgies:

Selecting the budgie is very tricky. Before selecting a budgie you need to follow some tips to make sure your budgie is healthy. Choosing the healthier budgie is more important. The healthily pet makes you feel more comfortable. The budgies are very active bird and it does not show its illness to us. Single unhealthily budgie spread its diseases to every budgie in the cage. Budgies only exhibits some sign when it’s affected by the severe illness. The tricks help you to minimize the risk of selecting sick budgie. You need to check new bird before releasing it in the cage of established budgies. Budgie training is also available to make your bird responsive.

Make sure that the budgie you are selecting is very active. The budgie needs to fly actively and tighten its feather when you approach the budgie. The healthy budgies have very shiny, silky and smooth feathers. The feet and beak should be clear without any mites. The budgie need to active the scaly face is definitely affected by various health issues. Getting the budgie from reputed breeders is an excellent option to avoid the risk. If you have any doubt clarifies it with the breeder. The excellent breeder knows about each and every bird they breed. Carefully introduce your new bird in the flock. Rushing may cause severe damage to the new bird. Get the help of a vet doctor for standard check up regularly.

Colors in budgie:

The wild budgies are normally found in green with black spots on the wings, chest and head. The pet budgies are now found in vibrant colors. The color of budgies normally ranges from the green, white and violet colored base. The dark factor adds unique identity to the budgie. The mature males have a bluish cere in their beak (around the nostril). The matured females have a tan colored cere. The colors are very identical in the mature birds. The young have a pink colored cere in common. The bar in the budgies is lighter in young ages and it became darker when it grows.

The selective breeding helps us to breed budgie in different color mutations. Huge variety of color patterns are available like yellow, olive, albino, blue dark green, gray base, yellow and much more color combinations.

Selecting a Budgie Cage:

The cage is needed for budgies be safe. Caging is the important factor in the budgie breeding. The cage makes your bird feel comfortable and safe when you are out. The cage protects from the domestic cats, dogs and other animals in your home. You need to select the cage based on how many budgies you are going to breed. Proving ample space is an excellent idea to breed your budgies and it makes your budgie feel free. Every bird in the world love flying and the budgies are playful bird it requires more space than your pigeon or other bird.

The cages are available in different sizes you need to select the best one that matches your need. Building your own cage require lots of skill and time. It provides various customized options than readymade cages. The size of the cage should be determined based the number of birds sharing the cage. The budgies love flying in the horizontal direction so you need to select a cage with more length than height. The cage needs to accommodate the perches, food bowls, breeding boxes and toys. The food and water bowls need to be away from the perches. The droppings may spoil the food and water.

The perches help your playful and active budgies to feel relaxed and comfortable. The excessive perches make the cleaning process difficult. The toy is implemented in a cage for budgie playing. The cage needs to be more spacious and comfortable. Crowding the cage makes the budgies feel unhappy and they fight more for the space. The door is an important item in the cage. It helps you to clean the cage and to place water and food bowls. Locking the door is an excellent option to safeguard your budget from strangers and children. The bottom trays are used for easy cleaning purposes. The large breeders can build a massive cage for breeding more budgies.

Feeding your budgies:

Budgie care is very important in breeding this bird. The regular and correct feeding keeps your budgie healthy for longer duration. The seeds, vegetables, fresh fruits and some greens are the most ideal nutrition to the budgie. The nutrients need to mix correctly for better health. Feeding only seeds makes your budgie boring and become malnutrition. Birds require all the nutrient content for better health. The seeds and grains are most important feeding material to the birds. The combination of pellets, seeds, fruits, grains and vegetable makes better food. The adult birds are very experienced and eat the food selections. The younger one does not have much knowledge we need to feed them better.

The birds feeding are offered by various commercial brands. You need to avoid sugar based foods for your budgie safety. You need to keep the pellets and seeds in closed container to safeguard it from insects and moths. The oil seeds need to control as it contains more fat substances. Feed the budgies with the alternative food material every day. It gives sufficient nutrition to your budgie in correct balance. The budgie also enjoys feeding on fresh squash, tomatoes, lettuce, greens, parsley and bell peppers. Some vegetables are very dangerous for budgies. So you need to feed them carefully.

Fruits are an excellent addition to the budgie diets. The apple and pear slice is excellent for them. You can also add tropical fruit with the budgie diet. Feed your budgie two three times a day regularly. You can also feed your budgie with broccoli and spinach. Budgie can eat anything on practice. If your budgie not eating properly. Get the budgie to the vet and check its health regularly.

Mating the budgies:

Budgie mating is essential for breeding more budgies. Budgies are like every parrot they mate for life when you keep them both in a single cage without separating. They need some time to exhibit their sexual behavior. The maturate budgie with the blue cere is male. The male budgies can sing and makes different voices. The budgie with the tan color cere is female budgie. The female budgie can’t sing like the male budgie. The female budgie is more territorial and produces more noise to exhibit the behavior. The female budgie can lay eggs without a male companion. This is infertile and it can’t produce young ones.

The female budgies lay up to 3 to 8 days according to their health and maturity. Both male and female parents feed the young ones. Budgies love cleanliness, itself clean their nest with care.

Taming your budgie:

Taming a budgie is very easy but it takes more time. You need to spend more time with your budgie and makes them feel comfortable with you. Budgies are very depended when it’s tamed and it requires your attention. Without proper care the bird gets tensed and become unresponsive. Budgie accessories are available in the pet shop to make your budgie happy. Breeding the budgie is fun and lively hobby one to follow.


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