Make Your Engagement and Wedding Special with Diamond Wedding Bands

diamond-ringsDiamond wedding bands have been influencing brides with its romantic appeal and beauty. Over the period of time, the tradition of exchanging diamond engagement rings between bride and groom has been dominated by the culture of wearing wedding bands. This diamond jewellery has become an all time favorite both for engagements and marriages as well. Whether you are going to have a romantic wedding or a wonderful engagement party at an exotic location, the beauty of the occasion can be incomplete without diamond wedding bands. However, in order to choose the right wedding bands, you must have a very basic knowledge about it. We have listed some styles of wedding bands below, which gives you an insight into varieties available today.

Wedding bands are available in a wide range of styles including antique, hand-woven, traditional and personalized wedding bands. They are described below:

  • The traditional wedding bands are designed with a single diamond and include a simplistic design. They are available in a wide range of designs and prices and you can choose the one based on your budget and preferences.
  • Antique diamond wedding bands usually boast a conventional design that seems to be appealing in terms of quality and price. If you want a wedding band in modern design and conventional style, then it is worth buying antique wedding bands from Melbourne jewellery stores.
  • The hand woven diamond wedding band represents interlacing of a couple’s lives. Whether you want to choose a hand woven wedding band with a single diamond or more, you can get anything that matches with your preferences.
  • Engraving wedding bands help you exemplifying a unique statement about your love. While diamond rings let you engrave a person’s name, the wedding bands allows you to engrave a big statement that adds special touch to your engagement or wedding outfit.
  • One of the exciting features is that wedding bands are available in yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and platinum to choose from. They are also available in a wide range of shapes to choose from.

No matter what your preferences is, you can buy wedding bands of your choice at a recognized online jewellery store in Melbourne.


Delhi- Go To Capital City Of India

Delhi, the capital city of India, it is spotted on the banks of Yamuna Stream. This historic spot is included by Uttar Pradesh and Haryana on three sides. Administratively, Delhi is an union territory and prominent metropolitan urban ranges in India. It is the melting pot of pop culture, religion, ethics, custom and feelings. Delhi is one of the vivacious urban zones which draw huge number of voyagers from all over all through the world. Grandness of this city lies in the combination of matured pop culture and innovation. The tourist places in Delhi spin around its obsolete historic points, presentation focuses, religious destinations, cuisines, courses of action and bazaars.

Being the capital city of India, Delhi attracts enormous number of wayfarers from all over the place all through the world. You can see snappy went up against modernization in Delhi. Redevelopment has given new-look to this city altogether. With new metro rail schema, flyovers, multiplexes, coffee public opinion, rich green plans and points of interest, Delhi has been changed perfectly. There are a couple of places to see in Delhi. Red Fortification is one of the prominent milestones in India. It is tremendous hit among the voyagers from all over all through the world. This monstrous milestone is found at Shajahanbad. Its advancement was started in 1639 and takes correctly 9 years to finish. This milestone was manufactured with 10 million red sandstones.

At the point when, Old Delhi was the capital city of Islamic India, is a limited lines with crumbling Havelis and mosques. Interestingly, New Delhi was organized and created by British Rulers with open avenues and tremendous government buildings. For a couple of millenniums, Delhi was under the control of a couple of rulers and domains. Ordinarily this city is develop, pounded and imitated. In this city, you can reveal that the city is scattered with captivating historic points, create shows, presentation focuses, building wonders, large houses, amazing eating places and bustling markets. Recently, Delhi tourism accept enter part in shaping India.

The Akshardham Asylum is an exchange extraordinary milestone in Delhi. This creation is dedicated to 11,000 artisans. It is spotted on the banks of glistering and flawless Yamuna Stream. This stunning compositional asylum will spellbind the voyagers. The haven is too extensive; it takes one complete day to see the entire places. One of the noteworthy highlights in Delhi is its provincial cuisines and intriguing dishes. Pioneers can take pleasure in delightful supports in prestigious restaurants and street stalls. Sustenances available here is an influence of distinctive public opinion and custom. The taste and taste of Delhi cuisines are essentially influential.

Delhi is stacked with number of tourist attractions, sightseeing territory, lavish lodgings and diverse solaces to pleasure the voyagers. The tourist fascination in Delhi includes Qutub Minar, Old Post, Jama Masjid, India Door, Salimgarh fortress et cetera. The places to visit near Delhi involve Agra, Chandigarh, Mathura, Bharatpur, Corbett, Mandawa, et cetera. Delhi is extraordinary area and must to visit destination during the North India Travel. Its enthusiastic culture, bustling uneasiness, shopping centers and old points of interest offer impeccable combination of progression and ethnicity. Outing to Delhi is brilliant methodology to utilize your trip as a part of prime destination by enjoying all present extravagances.

The Importance of Social Media for a Professional Writer

A Writer usually begins writing as a hobby that offers more skills and knowledge and became a professional writer. The authors inspired by famous books and novels. In the modern world, the internet and social media inspires writers. The advanced technology helps the writer to echo his presence online.  Professional writers can use their page to exhibit their skills online and get more followers. The social media like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Google+ and etc are getting more prominent among the professional writers.

The social media websites made communication very easy. You can create a new page or a link and add your comments, writings and thoughts.  You get more followers for your writing through the social media. It also includes interactive features with your followers, who turn it reader for your writing and comments. The social media is an excellent option to promote your writings online for free. Readers desire to interact with the professional writer and knowing your manners. The promotion is important for every business and the social media is very helpful for your writings to reach the readers.

The social media website can be used as an advertisement platform to publish your writing online. Readers will communicate with you to inquire about the books or about your writings. You can also get feedback and reviews from the writer and enhance your writing skills. You can also join in the global virtual community of professional writers to share your information and views of other writers.

It helps you to get more knowledge about professional writing and makes you comfortable in civic spaces. You can hear the views of other professional writers using the social media and improve your skills on professional writings. The social media website allows you to find people based on your interest. You can communicate with other writers you respect.

How To Get Youtube Views and Subscribers Fast

Are you running a business and searching for excellent platform to promote your business? Then, you can take advantage of social media marketing. In recent years, the video marketing is getting very popular all over the world. YouTube is one of the popular social networking sites based on the video sharing community. You can upload your business video in YouTube for enhanced online visibility. However, just uploading the video does not guarantee desired marketing goal. You need to implement some marketing techniques to get more likes, comments and views. The videos with more likes get enhanced visibility and rankings in YouTube. Here is some important guidance that assists you to get youtube views for your promotional video.

Initially, you need to upload high quality, theme based and informative video. In general, viewers tend to watch informative video to know about certain product or services. You need to upload Youtube video with appropriate title based on the video theme. You can also use your business product or service name as the title.  You can use title from 3-15 words long.  It’s recommended to use relevant keywords. It gives more rankings in search engine and draws more customers towards your video and automatically results in enhanced online visibility for your business.

Buy you tube views:

The general YouTube views give desired marketing goal for you business. However, it consumes more time and effort. To reach the marketing goal fast, you can consider buying youtube views from reputed service provider online. The service provider also offer various package to the marketers such as YouTube comments, shares, views, likes and ratings. It gives authentic and organic traffic for your video. It also results in enhanced visibility for your online business. You can also invite friends manually from other networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. You can also use Google contact to draw more customers towards your business. Using proper tags based on your video theme will results in more viewers for your business. Using the good thumbnails also enhance the popularity of your promotional video and assist you to reach desired marketing goal fast.

Key Benefits of Getting Professional SEO Service

Search engine optimization is measured as the future of online marketing. Nowadays, the internet has become amazing medium to promote any business online. To get more success from online marketing, effective business website is required. The website with correct optimization technique and page ranking gets more benefit in the online marketing. Search engine optimization technique includes innovation and proper technology. The professional SEO Company includes skilled and experienced specialist. They use various optimization strategies and tools to enhance your website visibility and traffic.

Key benefits:

  • The experienced professional will analyze your website and find various fields require optimization. Your website needs to meet the search engine standard to get more traffic and page rankings.
  • The content and accurate key word is very important to any website. The professionals will analyze your website and select an exact keyword, Meta tags and header tags based on your website content. This attracts more search engine spider scans to your website and automatically increases web traffic.
  • The website optimization includes two phase on-site and offline optimization. The on-page optimization includes quality content writing, link building, keyword submission and much more features. The offline-optimization includes article submission in article directory, RSS feedback, promotion and much more features.
  • The professional SEO company service also includes website designing and development, hosting and domain registration, logo designing and much more features. You need to just mention your requirements, they create interactive and efficient website for your business.

The professional SEO service is time consuming and quite expensive. The website with a professional SEO Training in Chennai attracts more customer and increase sale and profit. Professional SEO Company visits Infinix.

Sri Aurobindo Ashram:

Sri Aurobindo Ashram is one of the major tourist attractions in Puducherry. This temple is located on rue de la Marine (Ranga Pillai Street). This ashram was established by great philosopher Sri Aurobindo Ghose in the year 1926. Sri Aurobindo was born on 15th August 1872 in Calcutta. He came to Pondicherry in 1910 to flee harassment by the British rulers. In Pondicherry, he was impressed by the spiritualism and exposed the power of Yoga. He quit politics and devoted entirely towards spiritual life and work. The French musician and painter Mirra Alfassa impressed by Sri Aurobindo philosophy and stayed back in Pondicherry. Later, she called as The Mother.


The Sri Aurobindo Ashram is founded in November 1926 and full charge was given to The Mother. Sri Aurobindo and The Mother lived most of their lives in this Ashram.  In main Aurobindo ashram building, the courtyards are final resting place of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. Currently, this Ashram is administrated by Aurobindo Ashram Trust. This Ashram includes many departments, publishing department, schools, libraries, etc. The Aurobindo Ashram is open for travelers visit between 8am to 12 noon and 2pm to 6pm. The children below three years not allowed.

The photography is strictly prohibited in Ashram premises. Travelers can buy books by The Mother and Sri Aurobindo at the Ashram. You can also get these publications at Publication department SABDA. The Ashram provide timely to all their members to lead a healthy and decent life. The trust looks after the basic requirement of poor people such as food, clothing and shelter. The mausoleum and Samadhi is frequently visited by both local and foreign travelers from all over the world. The frangipani tree is main highlight in this Ashram. The visitors can participate in collective meditation by getting pass from Ashram Guest Houses or Bureau Central.

Brief Timeline:

15 August 1872 Sri Aurobindo’s birthday
21 February 1878 The Mother’s birthday
24 April 1920 The Mother’s final arrival in Pondicherry
24 November 1926 Siddhi day or the day of Victory
02 December 1943 Mother inaugurates the opening of a new school 
5 December 1950 Sri Aurobindo’s Mahasamadhi day
9 December 1950 Sri Aurobindo’s Mahasamadhi day
29 February 1956 Day of the Supramental Manifestation
17 November 1973 The Mother’s Mahasamadhi day
20 November 1973 The Mother’s body laid to rest