Sri Aurobindo Ashram:

Sri Aurobindo Ashram is one of the major tourist attractions in Puducherry. This temple is located on rue de la Marine (Ranga Pillai Street). This ashram was established by great philosopher Sri Aurobindo Ghose in the year 1926. Sri Aurobindo was born on 15th August 1872 in Calcutta. He came to Pondicherry in 1910 to flee harassment by the British rulers. In Pondicherry, he was impressed by the spiritualism and exposed the power of Yoga. He quit politics and devoted entirely towards spiritual life and work. The French musician and painter Mirra Alfassa impressed by Sri Aurobindo philosophy and stayed back in Pondicherry. Later, she called as The Mother.


The Sri Aurobindo Ashram is founded in November 1926 and full charge was given to The Mother. Sri Aurobindo and The Mother lived most of their lives in this Ashram.  In main Aurobindo ashram building, the courtyards are final resting place of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. Currently, this Ashram is administrated by Aurobindo Ashram Trust. This Ashram includes many departments, publishing department, schools, libraries, etc. The Aurobindo Ashram is open for travelers visit between 8am to 12 noon and 2pm to 6pm. The children below three years not allowed.

The photography is strictly prohibited in Ashram premises. Travelers can buy books by The Mother and Sri Aurobindo at the Ashram. You can also get these publications at Publication department SABDA. The Ashram provide timely to all their members to lead a healthy and decent life. The trust looks after the basic requirement of poor people such as food, clothing and shelter. The mausoleum and Samadhi is frequently visited by both local and foreign travelers from all over the world. The frangipani tree is main highlight in this Ashram. The visitors can participate in collective meditation by getting pass from Ashram Guest Houses or Bureau Central.

Brief Timeline:

15 August 1872 Sri Aurobindo’s birthday
21 February 1878 The Mother’s birthday
24 April 1920 The Mother’s final arrival in Pondicherry
24 November 1926 Siddhi day or the day of Victory
02 December 1943 Mother inaugurates the opening of a new school 
5 December 1950 Sri Aurobindo’s Mahasamadhi day
9 December 1950 Sri Aurobindo’s Mahasamadhi day
29 February 1956 Day of the Supramental Manifestation
17 November 1973 The Mother’s Mahasamadhi day
20 November 1973 The Mother’s body laid to rest



Goa – Most Fascinating Place in India


It would be located in India’s Western part. It would be a past Portuguese colony with a wealthy record. It would be 3,700 kilometers with a resident of around 1.4 million. It has a single combine of inhabitant and Portuguese civilizations and structural design that magnetizes the predictable 2.5 million visitors each year.  Panaji would be the capital state of Goa. It would also be recognized as Panjim, Ponnje or Pangim.  It would be one of the most delightful cities in India. Goa would be a heart of tourism in India. It would be obviously dissimilar from the rest of India, due to Portuguese law which isolated it from the rest of India for 451 years.

Historical overview:

In the middle of the 18th century the region under profession had prolonged to most of Goa’s present day condition restrictions. Concurrently the Portuguese misplaced other belongings in India until their limitations stabilized and twisted the Estado da India Portuguesa, of which Goa was the major region. After India increased independence from the British in 1947, Portugal declined to discuss with India on the relocate of the dominion of their Indian enclaves. On 19 December 1961, the Indian Army originated with function. It ensues in the occupation of Goa, Daman and Diu into the Indian amalgamation.

Cultural overview:

People: The people in Goa would be a single race for more traditions than one. This uniqueness and also a separateness of the Goa have resulted more from centuries of privacy both supporting and biological. So the ruler trait of the people in Goa would be the constituent of blending; mingling of cultures, civilizations and existences.

Language and religion: Konkani would be the representative language of Goa which would be written in Devanagri script. The other major languages spoken in the state would be Marathi, Kannada and Urdu. Gujarati and Hindi would be also spoken by a significant number of the population of the state. The Hinduism, Christianity and Islam would be the three major beliefs followed in Goa. There were also Sikhs, Buddhists and Jains.

Local festivals and art and music: The state of Goa would be rich in civilization and heritage and art. The performing art in Goa would be an area of expertise and a single feature of the state of Goa. Though these entire forms drop under the broad categorization of dance, drama and music, so far each of these performing arts in Goa has a separate Goan flavor and can be easily be distinguished from those of the other states.

Food: The clip diet of Goa would be fish curry and rice. Unlike the rest of India, most Hindus in Goa eat fish. In the monsoons, when no fresh fish would be accessible, most Goa has extremely long faces.

Travel within the city:

Goa would split into two districts North Goa and South Goa. North Goa comprises the capital town of Panjim, the previous capital of Old Goa, Fort Aguada and Candolim, Chapora, Vagator, and the beaches Calangute, Anjuna, and Baga. South Goa includes Vasco da Gama, Bogmalo, Margao, Colva and Benolem. Being near to the sea, Goa get pleasure from a maritime climate, with April and May being very blistering The beaches such as Dona Paula, Calangute, Anjuna, Colva, Miramar, and Vagator can be evaluated with the most excellent beaches around the earth.

Eating out:

Park Hyatt Goa Resort and Spa: It would be an award-winning hotel snuggled along the pristine Arossim Beach and 15 minutes from Dabolim Airport. Set within 45 acres of landscaped gardens with radiance waterways and lagoons, the resort merges stylishness with characteristic local character; completely the lively inheritance of Goa.

Majorda Beach Resort: It would be situated on an extensive stretch of soft clear white sand in South Goa. One can reach her in 15 minutes after deboarding from an aircraft at the Dabolim International Airport and in 10 minutes after blazing from Margao Konkan Railway Station.


The major regions for shopping in Goa would be the major cities that would be on the radar. To select from, if one desires to go in for the everyday possessions then visiting the Margao bazaar or the Mapusa Friday Market would be a better choice. This would be because all the items that would be essential would be found in one place and also at a moderately cheaper charge. Margao and Mapusa are two of the main towns of Goa. If an individual takes keen interest in the junk jewelry or any other accessories one should visit the Anjuna Flea bazaar. The bazaar would be only open on Wednesdays. If gift items with a cultural touch would be required then making a option and visiting the Government Emporia will establish to be obliging.

Weather and Best Time to Visit:

The normal daytime temperatures of 25C to 30C and standard sunshine hours of 10 hours a day, Goa actually would be the place for definite sun and heat. The most excellent occasion to visit Goa would be from the end of October through until the end of April. At the same time as the temperature in Goa stays elevated all through the year the Southwest Monsoon season begins in June and ends at the end of September. During the monsoon season, rainfall of between 250cm and 300cm would be standard. It might reveal you to recognize that holidays to Goa during the monsoon season would be flattering more popular as more people desire to spectator the tremendous weather circumstances. July receives the most rainfall, at the same time as February would be the driest month.

How to Reach by:

By Air:

One can reach Goa very simply as it would be linked through flights to all main cities in India as well as some international destinations in UK and Gulf countries. The Dabolim Airport situated near the town of Vasco Da Gama would be Goa’s exclusive airport and can be reached from any place in Goa by hiring local transport.

By Road:

One can lease interstate buses that would be run by the Government owned tourist corporations or private cabs from nearby places to reach Goa. For travel within the city, you could also lease motor bikes and cars on every day leasing plan.

By Train:

Goa has a well planned system of railways and commendable railway tracks. India’s all significant and main metro towns would be associated to Goa through railways.

Attractions spot:

1.    Basilica of Bom Jesus: It would be the oldest place of New Goa it would be in a Vasco city of Goa, In this church you will discover the body of an old priest who was dying many years back but his body would be there they protect the body because people believe that the body still growing every year.

2.    Tomb of St. Francis Xavier:  This would be more than just another tomb in a cathedral and the method people pray at this time or simply stand and stare gets this across even better.

 3.    Casino Royale Goa: It would be the major balanced Casino in Goa. It would be definitely the classiest. It has a gaming floor dedicated to all table games.

4.    Old Goa: The Portuguese Viceroys, so first go to the Viceroy`s Arch. Vasco da Gamas sculpture looks to the river.

5.    Se Cathedral: The Se Cathedral enters from the direction of the Church of St. Cajetan so you can organize your visit to come from there or head over to it on leaving the Cathedral.

6.    Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception: A church often seen in film shoots, both located in central Panjim. It’s full white and has many steps going into it in a criss cross pattern.

7.    Fontainhas: Must visit the place in Goa, the narrow lanes and the house are reminiscent of another era.

 8.    Casino Carnival Goa: Casino Carnival established in 2001, by the promoters of Goan Carnival and Leisure Pvt. Ltd endeavors to fabricate the essence of Extravagant.

9.    Anjum Beach: It’s a nice beach, but there are too many people here on the beach, all the other beaches around are also equally interesting as it stretches from Vagator in the north to Aguada in the south including Calangute, Baga, & Candolim along with Anjuna in between.

10. Chapel of Our Lady of the Mount: Historic and beautiful. The approach is nice and easy.

11. Church Square: very nice facade makes it magnificent. Lotsa steps so not for people with weak knees. Located centrally, everybody knows it.

12. Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary: This is a garden in the heart of the city very green and can spend good time here. However they can still do a lot to maintain it well Good for Children as it is on just near the city Center.

 13. Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary: the beautiful place is located just 5 km away from the historical town Goa.  The sanctuary is home to several rare and beautiful birds specious. Travelers all over the world visit this beautiful place in search of peace and love.

14. Portuguese monuments: This city includes various historical monuments and ancient myths about the Portugal period of Indian ancient culture. Portuguese sailors pray here after their journey from Portugal. The church is well lighted for visitor’s pleasure.

15. Miramar and Dona Paula Beach: Miramar and Dona Paula Beach are two nearest beaches in the city many tourists visit Goa for this relaxing beach. This region filled with various colonial residues, historic churches and many heritage monuments which attract more travelers.

Manali – Trip To Snow Land Of India


Manali is a beautiful hill station located in Himachal Pradesh. The snow covered mountains and exciting weather attract more travelers to Manali. Manali trip has now materialized as one of the most important traveler spots due to its spectacular ski locations and stunning snowstorm through winters and haughty peaks protecting it. It is situated at approximately two thousand meter altitude in the Himalayas on the Beas River, is an environmental wonder and a remarkable small delight enclosed in luminous white snow. It has also gathered overall interest in current years with the exposure of its elevated grades tranquil for skiing and climbing by different obsessive mountaineers.

Historic overview:

Manali has more myth than the history. Based on the Hindu mythology, Manali is home to lawgiver Manu. The great king saved Manali from various troubles. Manali is a beautiful and lovely hill station. The weather is very optimal round the year. The British discovered this city during the 20th century. Its climate and beautiful natural landscape attract lots of travelers from all over the world. Manali slowly began to obtain the status of a tourist destination. This city gained more popularity among the travelers in past two decades. After a long history, Manali becomes a base camp for travelers willing to trek the beautiful Himalayan Mountains.

Cultural overview:

People: The people of Manali are considering as oldest origin of India. The Tibetan and inland refugees start coming from Tibet and settled in Manali.

Language and religion: the people in Manali usually speak languages like Hindi, English, Tibetan and Pahari. The inhabitant of Manali is Buddhist religion. The tribal people follow the own customs and culture.

Local Festivals & Art and music: The festival seasons are more famous in Manali. The people from Manali are Buddhist followers they rejoice all the Buddhist functions astonishingly.

Food: Manali is a cold weathered city. It’s very enjoyable in summer and sub-zero cold in the winter. The wheat and fresh vegetables are the most common foods in Manali. Tribal people still go for hunting.

 Travel within the City:

Manali is a gorgeous city with a spotless environment. The cool weather, obviously perfumed air and pleasant breeze solve out all your stress and make you contented. Travelers from all over the world love to visit this beautiful city. Manali is covered with peaks and mountains. Yak riding is excellent choice to explore the beauty of Manali. These buses run at permanent times and are the best way to attain the nearby traveler’s destinations.

Eating Out:

Manali is an outstanding destination for enjoying the traditional Indian foods. The foods are reasonably priced to accommodate the travelers from all over the world. Here are some popular restaurants in Manali.

Chopsticks: the well-known restaurant in Manali serves Indian, Chinese and Tibetan foods. This is one of the oldest restaurants in this beautiful city.                

Khyber: the upstairs hotel provides an exciting view of the city. This restaurant hosts the Indian, Chinese and Tibetans food stuffs.


Manali is very renowned for Tibetans handicraft and knickknacks. The thick forest and abundant lumber accessibility the wood carvings are very cheap in Manali. This place is perfect to get authentic and good excellence woolen dresses. The woolen garments are available in the latest style and trend. The Tibetan and native Manali residents have a practice of handicrafts, which are obtainable in abundance.

Weather and Best Time to Visit:

Manali is situated in the foothills of Himalayan Mountain. The Manali experience cool and pleasant weather throughout the year. Travelers love to travel these places during summer season. You can experience low temperature during winter’s hover around zero degrees.

The most outstanding time to visit this beautiful city is during the October and December. It’s also ideal to time to tour Manali in the June. The breezes from Himalayan mountain chili out this beautiful city further. Throughout this time, the climate is very enjoyable and warmth never crosses 27°C and lowest amount is about 10°C. Through this time, one can take pleasure in lots of things like boating, paddling, fishing, trekking etc.

How to Reach By:

By Air: Bhuntar Airport is the nearest airport to the beautiful city Manali. It’s located 50 Kms away from Manali.  The Bhuntar airport well linked with the Delhi international airport.

By Road: Manali has an excellent road network. The city is well connected with all major cities in India.  Private buses in Himachal Pradesh connect this beautiful city.

By Train: Joginder Nagar nearest railway station near to Manali. The station is located 50 km from Manali. All the major cities well connected by these stations.

15 traveler’s attraction in Manali:

1. Hadimba Temple:  the Hadimba temple in Manali is dedicated to lord Hadimba. The temple is well linked with the ancient Hindu myth.  The temple was constructed in the year 1553. The structure and design of this temple are very similar to Pandava temple. The architecture of this temple is stunning.

2. Tibetan Monasteries: larger number of Tibetan migration lives in this place. The Monasteries were built in the year 1969. The main attractions of this spiritual residence are a medium-sized statue of Lord Buddha and bright wall paintings.

3. Nyingamapa Gompa Monasteries: the Himalayan Nyingamapa Gompa is the famous Monasteries in Manali. The temple was dedicated to the Lord Buddha. The structure of the temple is very similar to the Tibetan monasteries.

4. Manu Temple: the temple is one of the famous tourist attractions in Manali. The temple was dedicated to Manu. It’s considered that the Manali derived from the Manu. The historical and mythological structure lots of travelers from all over the world.

5. Rohtang Pass: this beautiful place is located 51 km away from the beautiful city Manali. The place is famous for highest road in the world. The road covers the beautiful Himalayan mountain range. Adventure travelers love to visit this beautiful place for a thrilling experience.

6. Rehalla Falls:  the beautiful falls are located 16 km away from the Manali city center. The fall originated in the dripping water from dissolving glaciers and perpendicular stones. The waterfall is 9,000. The stunning view and exciting landscape attract lots of travelers from all over the world.

7. Vashist Springs:  the beautiful spring is located just 3 km away from Manali. The spring rises out in the stone of Vashist. It’s believed that the water has the capability of curing several diseases. Travelers from all over the world visit this beautiful spring.

 8. Arjun Gufa: the beautiful and historical place is located 15 km away from the beautiful city Manali. The ancient Hindu mythology states that the Pandava brothers stayed in these beautiful place. They attain Pashupata Ashtra in this place.

9. Jagatsukh: its located just 6 km away from the beautiful city Manali. The place is home to the biggest rural community in Manali. The city is located on the riverbanks of Beas. The temple is dedicated to lord Shiva. In ancient past the place served as capital to Manali.

10. Nehru Kund: it’s located on the Manali-Keylong Road. The beautiful place is located just 6 km away from Manali. The Kund inherited its name from Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Nehru Kund is chiefly noted for the freshwater spring, which starts off from the Brhigu Lake.

11. Roerich Art Gallery: the famous art gallery is home with paintings of Nicholas Roerich. This artist came from Russia and stayed in this beautiful place. Roerich was a gifted artist and had the dream of uniting the world by means of imaginative creations.

12. Naggar: this beautiful heritage hotel is located just 28 Km away from Manali. The place is home to   the Naggar Castle earlier, currently, the home is converted into a heritage hotel by the tourism department in Manali.

13. Rahala waterfalls: Rahala waterfalls and the Rozy falls which are positioned at the launching spot of Rohtang exceed. Ramble up the Rohtang exceed and sight the imposing Himalayan Mountains from up on the crest where the cold breezes will make your spirit tremble in the face of the huge Mountains.

14. Prini town: Devi Sharvati temple and a Shiva temple build in the Shikara technique of construction are two major holds of Jagatsukh. It will spotlight on Arjun Gufa. This visitor’s intention sited in Prini town is in a space of five kilometers from Manali. In the delayed dusk, travel around trip will go back to lodge for feast and all night stay.

15. The Solang valley: the Solang valley is a popular traveler’s destination in Manali. The snow covered mountain, stunning view of glacier, exciting landscape makes this place perfect. The valley located just 13 km away from the beautiful city Manali. The valley is residence to Mountaineering and Allied Sports hostel Manali. Get to Manali and enjoy your trip amazingly.

Andaman & Nicobar Islands Port Blair


The Andaman and Nicobar Islands is a mysterious land shimmer in the Bay of Bengal. The islands are more popular for its inaccessibility for centuries. The thick forests which coat these islands make the destination perfect for nature and peace lovers. The countless striking flowers, animals and birds make an extremely poetic and idealistic atmosphere. The silver sand beaches with the palm tree on the edge of coastal line add more rhythm to the sea. The bang of tribal musical instrument haunts the quietness and the multicolor fishers steer the beauty of the Andaman Sea. The strangers from all over the world made a huge impact on Andaman and Nicobar culture.

Historic overview:                                                       

The history of the Andaman and Nicobar islands starts in the first millennium.  The Chinese named the island as Yeng t Omag. The island also took part in the world first map. The Persian geographer tagged the island as fortune islands in the sixth century. The Arab travelers during the eight century mentioned the islands as lakhabalus.  The history dates back as the East India Company occupied this place as their territory. The East India Company recognized a punishing outpost where criminals convict for offenses against them. The Andaman and Nicobar Island was fully colonized by the British people and Portuguese naval force after defeating the Kanhoji Angre sovereignty.

Cultural Overview:

Andaman and Nicobar Islands are the popular traveler’s destination in India for the people in search of peace and comfort.

People: The native person of Andaman and Nicobar Islands are tribal communities. This tribal’s are one of the oldest tribal communities in the world.

Language and religion: the peoples are mostly residing in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands are from the mainland. The place is known for various religions and languages.

Local Festivals & Art and music: Many festivals are celebrated in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The tribal culture and music are most famous in this island.

Food:  Andaman and Nicobar Islands are very famous for its seafood. The famous foods available in all hotels are south Indian food and Chinese recipes.

 Travel within the city:

Andaman and Nicobar Islands is a beautiful land of stunning landscape and long silver beaches. Walking is an excellent way to explore the beauty of the city. Buses from Port Blair connect the entire major place in Andaman. The boats with bus parking facility are used as linking medium for connecting the roadways between two islands.

Eating Out:

New Lighthouse Restaurant: The open air seafood restaurants place is an ideal place for travelers to enjoy the amazing dishes while sitting in their car. The grilled fish is most popular dish in the restaurants.

Waves:  The open air restaurants in the opposite of coast make this ideal for travelers to enjoy their cuisine. 


Andaman and Nicobar Islands are a treasure house for the travelers to get various man made handicrafts and souvenir items. The government owns an emporium called Sagarika in the center of Port Blair. This is an excellent place for travelers to buy various handicrafts and shell item at an affordable price. The emporium provides lively hood for the people in the Andaman.

Weather and Best Time to Visit:

Andaman has a modest temperature all over the year usually the temperature ranges from 23°C to 31°C. The season is warm but excellent with the sea breeze. The humidity level is 80% and ideal for all kinds of tourist activities.  The winter season between the December and February is not too chilly and its excellent time for travelers to visit this city.

How to Reach By:

By Air: Port Blair the capital city of Andaman and Nicobar Islands is connected with Chennai and Kolkata airport round the year. It usually takes 6 hours to reach Port Blair by air and it takes 8 hours from Kolkata.  

By Seaways: Regular traveler ship services are obtainable to Port Blair from Chennai, Calcutta and Vishakhapatnam and back. The ship travel is very reasonable compared to the air travel to reach Andaman.

 15 Attractions:

1. Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park: Mahatma Gandhi Marine Park is located 29 Km away from the Port Blair and it extends up to the 281.5 Sq. Kms. The park is made up of an open sea, 15 small islands and creeks.

2. Gandhi Park:  This gorgeous park at Port Blair has amenities like enjoyment rides, and nature trail around the lake, garden safe water sports and restaurant. The place is very famous for its historic monuments and temples. The total area of this Gandhi Park is developed in the shortest period of time that to within 13 days.

3. Sippighat Farm:  The farm is a research and development center of Andaman. The main intention of this park is to cultivate the rare plants and spices to make the Andaman rich and wealthy. The center is responsible for the Andaman Islands vegetation and agriculture.

4. Chidiya Tapu: this place is located 25 km from the astonishing city Port Blair. The Chidiya Tapu is the southernmost tip of South Andaman. The place is very famous among the travelers for its scenic beauty, exciting landscape and beautiful lush green environments.

5. Collinpur: Collinpur is a beautiful sandy beach with the shallow water. The place is very ideal for travelers willing to enjoy various water sport activities like swimming, viewing sunset and sun basking. It’s one of the most beautiful beaches in Andaman region.

6. Cellular Jail: The cellular jail is punishment outpost established by the British India management. Later this jail become as a burial ground for several Indians.  Cellular Jail is well known for unkind tortures to prisoners. This jail was firstly used to hold supporters of the 1857 Revolt then changed as Prison for Indian Freedom fighters.

7. Ross Island: this island is located very near to the Port Blair main city. This island is considered as the official residence of British rulers in Andaman. Ross Island is situated in entrance of Port Blair port. This island was the administrative headquarters of British Colonial Rulers.

8. Mount Harriet: this is beautiful island having the highest mountain in Andaman. This city is located 50 kilometers from the capital city of Andaman Port Blair. The beautiful city is considered as the headquarters of this island during the British period.

9. Cinque Island: The lure of submarine coral gardens and untouched beaches particularly sand bars joining the two islands make this place more stunning. This island provides peaceful resort in the coastal line of untouched beach and uncontaminated environment. Camp ability is obtainable near Radhanagar beach.

10. Neil Island: the island is located 36 kilometers from the capital city Port Blair. This good-looking island with flourishing green woodland and sandy beach is the vegetable bowl of Andaman and Nicobar islands. The island is connected with boats and ferries from Port Blair.

11. Long Island: the long island is located 82 kilometers from the Port Blair. The island is connected by the boats and ferries. The island is a beautiful place with lots of coastal lines all over it.  The sea around the island is frequented by dolphin convoys.

12. Rangat:  The Rangat is a beautiful city located in the middle Andaman. The city is 170 kilometers away from port Blair. One can take pleasure in the calm village life and the loneliness of the virgin natural world here.

13. Mayabunder: Mayabunder is the northern most tip of the middle Andaman. This city is 242 kilometers away from the beautiful Port Blair. Seaways are excellent options to reach Mayabunder than the roadways. It’s one of the popular terminals where the ships from Kolkata halt here.

14. Andaman Museums: The Andaman and Nicobar Island is very famous it’s various museums. Here are some popular museums in Andaman. The Anthropological Museum is dedicated to the tribal peoples residing in Andaman for several years.

15. Adventure Sports: The Andaman and Nicobar Island is home to several adventurous Watersports activities throughout the year. The long beaches beep crystal clear water and amazing weather makes this place ideal for all Watersports activities.

Central India Tour – Travel to beautiful land of India

The rich culture and heritage monuments attract more numerous numbers of tourists to this part of the world. The state of Madhya Pradesh is considered as central point of India and also considered as heart of this country. This place is famous for its exciting architectures and palaces. Tourists are frequently visiting this place for its exciting landscape and world class heritage monuments. The central India tour is more enjoyable and celebrated travel place in India. The undiscovered scenic beauty of thick jungles and rare wild animals attract more number of tourists throughout the year.

The tour packages to Central India gives the travelers enthralling experience to sight historic monuments, scenic beauties, spiritual temples and various scenic lakes. The place is famous for natural lovers who are willing to explore the beauties of undiscovered area. The rich flora and fauna life attracts many trekking lovers and wildlife photographers to snap the exciting beauties of this place. The exciting place attracts international tourists to India. The travelers will be delighted to gaze the beauty of natural sceneries and manmade heritage monuments. Here is some most exciting and famous trip destination in India.

Khajuraho is the tiny rural place famous for its glorious temples and historic monuments. The excellent architecture and stone sculptures attract huge numbers of tourists. The various Dhubela Museum, Panna Park, Pandava and Benisagar Lake are the famous tourist attraction to the small villages. The forts and palaces show you the architectural ability of ancient Indians.

The city of Gwalior is called as palace town of India. The Gwalior fort is prime and glorious memorial of this beautiful city. In past this fort was battle spot, jauhars and caging. The fort wall is about 35 feet tall and ancient Indian emperor king Babur Sculpture is there in this fort. Gujari Mahal historical monument is under archeological department. It’s built during 15th century by Raja Mansigh Tomar for his wife.

This palace has seen many ancient battles between Mughals and Rajputs. Jaivilas Palace and Museum is the residing place of Scindia family at the moment. About 35 rooms are modified into Jivaji Rao Scindia Museum.  Tansens Tomb is the funeral shining emperor Tansen. He was one of the nine jewels in Akbar’s court. This tomb is an architectural mark of Mughals emperors and   cultural heritage of India. This historic tomb will host the national level music festival in India.

Bhopal is the state capital of Madhya Pradesh. Bhopal is the city of implementation monuments like stonework mosques, stone temples, and marvelous statues. It’s the one of well-known tourist destination in central India. This is also a place for national park and wildlife sanctuary in India where you can see and enjoy lot of animals, birds and natural vegetation. This city is one of the important pilgrim centers for Sikhs and Jains.  Bhopal is one of the best touring places in India for knowing the ancient and historical age of India.  This city is also called as Lake City for its two marvelous lakes. The major attractions of this city are Taj-ul-Masjid, Upper Lake, Lower Lake, and district Science hub.

Sanchi is one of the ancient historic monuments in India. This city is famous for its world class pillars, temples and monuments. This monument is built by the great king Emperor Asoka during third century. The various stone sculptures, Asoka pillar and museums attract many numbers of tourists throughout the year. This place adds more value to this place. The historic tour package is available to visit this famous monument at any time.

National park of Kanha is top rated natural wildlife reserves in India. This place inspired the great writer Rudyard Kipling to finish his marvelous book named Jungle book. This part is known for its different types of flora and fauna. The exciting feature attracts huge numbers of adventurer’s trekkers and wildlife photographers. This park offers to gaze various rare animals like tiger, solitary leopard, and foxes.

Various Central India tour packages are available with us to visit this splendorous place without any hassles. Travelling Central India is good choice to learn about Indian culture, customs and vast olden times. It’s the ideal touring place for ancient history and adventure lovers. Continue reading