Budgerigar Parrots- Guide to Choosing a Budgie

General information:

Budgies are the most lovable pet all over the world. The budgies are very small, noisy and playful bird. Few budgies in your home produce ample sound which makes you feel that you are in the center of Australian forest. The budgies are wild birds in the Australian forest. It lives in flocks in the forest. The budgies are capable making a mimicking speech in practice. The budgies also called as the Budgerigar Parrots and it’s the member of parakeet family. The American variety is the direct breeding of Australian budgies and it commonly found in every pet store.

The English budgies also called as the show budgies. It’s often used in exhibitions and circus. The exhibition budgies are quiet larger and have a unique appearance than the American budgies. The life span of budgies varies between 15-20 years. The budgies are very funny pet to keep in your home. They are very intelligent, lively and playful. They capable speaking and perform tricks with little practice. The budgie is most excellent pet to light up your home. The budgie can be hand tamed with little practice. The budgies have excellent memory capacity and intelligent too. You need to spend lots of time with it to recognize you.

Keeping budgie in single is a quicker way to tame it quicker. The budgie loves to be in the flock you need to spend a lot of time and skills to hand tame the budgie perfectly. The budgie is capable of developing its own personality. The budgies are like the parrots and it’s capable of interacting with human effectively. Petting the budgies is an excellent way to teach children about loyalty and responsibility. It is an excellent pet for isolated senior citizens and children, to get rid of their loneliness. Keeping the budgie is very simple and tricky. You need to select right cage and fed it regularly on time.

Selecting the budgies:

Selecting the budgie is very tricky. Before selecting a budgie you need to follow some tips to make sure your budgie is healthy. Choosing the healthier budgie is more important. The healthily pet makes you feel more comfortable. The budgies are very active bird and it does not show its illness to us. Single unhealthily budgie spread its diseases to every budgie in the cage. Budgies only exhibits some sign when it’s affected by the severe illness. The tricks help you to minimize the risk of selecting sick budgie. You need to check new bird before releasing it in the cage of established budgies. Budgie training is also available to make your bird responsive.

Make sure that the budgie you are selecting is very active. The budgie needs to fly actively and tighten its feather when you approach the budgie. The healthy budgies have very shiny, silky and smooth feathers. The feet and beak should be clear without any mites. The budgie need to active the scaly face is definitely affected by various health issues. Getting the budgie from reputed breeders is an excellent option to avoid the risk. If you have any doubt clarifies it with the breeder. The excellent breeder knows about each and every bird they breed. Carefully introduce your new bird in the flock. Rushing may cause severe damage to the new bird. Get the help of a vet doctor for standard check up regularly.

Colors in budgie:

The wild budgies are normally found in green with black spots on the wings, chest and head. The pet budgies are now found in vibrant colors. The color of budgies normally ranges from the green, white and violet colored base. The dark factor adds unique identity to the budgie. The mature males have a bluish cere in their beak (around the nostril). The matured females have a tan colored cere. The colors are very identical in the mature birds. The young have a pink colored cere in common. The bar in the budgies is lighter in young ages and it became darker when it grows.

The selective breeding helps us to breed budgie in different color mutations. Huge variety of color patterns are available like yellow, olive, albino, blue dark green, gray base, yellow and much more color combinations.

Selecting a Budgie Cage:

The cage is needed for budgies be safe. Caging is the important factor in the budgie breeding. The cage makes your bird feel comfortable and safe when you are out. The cage protects from the domestic cats, dogs and other animals in your home. You need to select the cage based on how many budgies you are going to breed. Proving ample space is an excellent idea to breed your budgies and it makes your budgie feel free. Every bird in the world love flying and the budgies are playful bird it requires more space than your pigeon or other bird.

The cages are available in different sizes you need to select the best one that matches your need. Building your own cage require lots of skill and time. It provides various customized options than readymade cages. The size of the cage should be determined based the number of birds sharing the cage. The budgies love flying in the horizontal direction so you need to select a cage with more length than height. The cage needs to accommodate the perches, food bowls, breeding boxes and toys. The food and water bowls need to be away from the perches. The droppings may spoil the food and water.

The perches help your playful and active budgies to feel relaxed and comfortable. The excessive perches make the cleaning process difficult. The toy is implemented in a cage for budgie playing. The cage needs to be more spacious and comfortable. Crowding the cage makes the budgies feel unhappy and they fight more for the space. The door is an important item in the cage. It helps you to clean the cage and to place water and food bowls. Locking the door is an excellent option to safeguard your budget from strangers and children. The bottom trays are used for easy cleaning purposes. The large breeders can build a massive cage for breeding more budgies.

Feeding your budgies:

Budgie care is very important in breeding this bird. The regular and correct feeding keeps your budgie healthy for longer duration. The seeds, vegetables, fresh fruits and some greens are the most ideal nutrition to the budgie. The nutrients need to mix correctly for better health. Feeding only seeds makes your budgie boring and become malnutrition. Birds require all the nutrient content for better health. The seeds and grains are most important feeding material to the birds. The combination of pellets, seeds, fruits, grains and vegetable makes better food. The adult birds are very experienced and eat the food selections. The younger one does not have much knowledge we need to feed them better.

The birds feeding are offered by various commercial brands. You need to avoid sugar based foods for your budgie safety. You need to keep the pellets and seeds in closed container to safeguard it from insects and moths. The oil seeds need to control as it contains more fat substances. Feed the budgies with the alternative food material every day. It gives sufficient nutrition to your budgie in correct balance. The budgie also enjoys feeding on fresh squash, tomatoes, lettuce, greens, parsley and bell peppers. Some vegetables are very dangerous for budgies. So you need to feed them carefully.

Fruits are an excellent addition to the budgie diets. The apple and pear slice is excellent for them. You can also add tropical fruit with the budgie diet. Feed your budgie two three times a day regularly. You can also feed your budgie with broccoli and spinach. Budgie can eat anything on practice. If your budgie not eating properly. Get the budgie to the vet and check its health regularly.

Mating the budgies:

Budgie mating is essential for breeding more budgies. Budgies are like every parrot they mate for life when you keep them both in a single cage without separating. They need some time to exhibit their sexual behavior. The maturate budgie with the blue cere is male. The male budgies can sing and makes different voices. The budgie with the tan color cere is female budgie. The female budgie can’t sing like the male budgie. The female budgie is more territorial and produces more noise to exhibit the behavior. The female budgie can lay eggs without a male companion. This is infertile and it can’t produce young ones.

The female budgies lay up to 3 to 8 days according to their health and maturity. Both male and female parents feed the young ones. Budgies love cleanliness, itself clean their nest with care.

Taming your budgie:

Taming a budgie is very easy but it takes more time. You need to spend more time with your budgie and makes them feel comfortable with you. Budgies are very depended when it’s tamed and it requires your attention. Without proper care the bird gets tensed and become unresponsive. Budgie accessories are available in the pet shop to make your budgie happy. Breeding the budgie is fun and lively hobby one to follow.


Tips To Choose Best Secured Credit Card In The Market

Secured credit card introduction:
The credit card is an innovative service offered by bank and financial organization to the user on the concept of credit creation. The credit card also called as plastic money or digital money. These cards are used for safe and convenient purchasing. With credit cards, you no need to carry huge amount cards in pocket. It makes the payment procedure very safe with a single swipe. Proper money management skill is essential to get more benefit from the credit cards. The credit card payment directly influences your credit history and future loan terms. The credit cards are available in different types like general credit cards, secured credit card, unsecured credit cards and etc.
The secured credit cards are commonly used credit cards. As the name suggests, this credit card requires a security deposit with the credit card providers. This credit card can be used to build your credit score. Initially, the collateral agreement is made between the credit card provider and the consumer. You need to deposit some amount with the credit card industry. Your credit limit varies based on the credit amount deposited with the credit card providers. The credit card holders are restricted to use this card within the credit limit.
The card holder needs to deposit 100% cash to avail 200% credit value. You need to pay the used credit value in monthly installments. Paying installment on time will assist you to build your credit score and avail maximum benefits in the future. For example, if you make deposit amount of $500 to the bank, you can avail the features of $1000 per month. Using unsecured credit card might affect your credit score furthermore.
How to Use a Secured Credit Card:
With secured credit cards, you can enjoy all the features of traditional credit cards. Using a credit card with bad credit history is dangerous. In general, the secured credit cards involve higher interest rates. This credit card is used to build your credit score. So, you need to spend wisely and repay the monthly installment on correct time to build your credit score. With any type of credit cards, you need to repay the balance in correct time to reduce the interest rates and additional charges. It’s not advised to use credit cards negatively like buying alcohol, gambling or to buy unwanted things.
The secured credit can be used for paying medical bills, insurance bills, previous loan debt, and education bill and for genuine reason. Here are a few guidelines to follow when busying the secured credit card. Nowadays, several banks and financial organization offering credit card with different security deposit and interest rates. You need to select credit card providers offering the best credit card with less initial deposit, higher credit limit and lower interest rates.
With the advancement in the internet, you can get a secure credit card from your home with more convenience. Some organizations try to fool you with fake promises. You need to read the terms and condition, talk with the insurance provider and buy best credit cards offering excellent deals to you. In general, the credit card deals with your money. So, it’s advised to select a financial organization ensure transparent transaction, low annual charges, reward points, cash back guarantee and 24×7 customer support to the clients.
While buying the secured credit card, you need to check for APR rate percentages, interest rates, annual payment and credit limit. In general, service charge and credit limit varies based on your credit score determined by the dedicated Credit Bureaus. Follow this steps assist you to select the best credit card in the market.
Why to use secured credit card:
The secured credit card is getting very popular all over the world. It offers a wide range of benefits to the individual using the credit cards. Here are three advantages secured credit cards:
• It helps an individual to build his credit history
• Ensure spending amount based on your income or can afford
• Buying necessary products with the credit card and to increase the money management skills
The secured credit card is an excellent option to the person suffering from bad credit history in the past. The credit score influence getting a new loan or credit card in the future. Make use of this credit card on daily purchase; repay the balance amount in time that helps you to rebuild your credit history. You can feel comfortable in purchasing the belongings. The secured credit cards will assist you spend on your budget. It includes spending limit based on your collateral deposit. If you an over spender, get this credit card to cut down excessive expense. This credit card will helps you to learn money management skills and spend cash efficiently. This credit card helps card holders to make purchases not completed by the cash. You can use this credit card for car rentals, online shopping and hotel booking. It provides $0 fraud liability to you.
JP Morgan Chase secured credit card review:
JP Morgan Chase is one of the popular banks in the United States. Now, this bank includes several branches and servicing the customers from all over the world. Secured credit card offered by Chase includes Student, Airline and Platinum card. The application process varies based on the card type you opt for. The application fees start from $10 to $50, the annual charge starts from $25 to $300. The Chase secured credit card comes with 0% APR for the first year. This credit card benefit includes lower interest rates to the customers worldwide.
The Chase also offers various discounts, incentives and cash back guarantee to the credit card holders. If a customer spends $250 in 90 days, he will be offered with 25,000 bonuses with Chase Sapphire. When a card holder spends one dollar every day, they will earn two bonus points for every one dollar purchase. The points can be used for getting airline tickets, gift cards and cash. On sign up, customer will qualify for $200 credit limit. In certain bonus, the cardholder will get 5% cash back offer. For any purchase above %1500 with an online retailer, you will be offered with 10% cash back offer. Get this secured credit card, spend wisely and improve your credit ratings.

Top 10 Google SEO Tips For 2013

Top 10 Google SEO Tips For 2013

What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is the process of optimizing your webpage so that it receives free, unpaid or organic traffic from Search Engine. It is an incremental process and often consists of small modification  to your webpage.

10 SEO tips for Year 2013

1. Keyword in Domain name – If you are interested in some specific field like SEO make sure you include keyword in your domain for example seotips.com.

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2. Keyword in Post Url– Always change your post permalink if there is no keyword in the Url, blogger and WordPress by default adds title as the permalink. If you don’t see title of the post in the Url, then you need to change your permalinks option.

http://www.ebuzznet.com/basic-seotips-for-beginners/‎ is better than http://www.ebuzznet.com/post-99

 SEO Tips For 2013

3. Keywords in Title tag,headings, meta description  and in Body– Use at least one keyword in title tag, headings and meta description. Don’t use too many keywords in body, you can also use keywords in subheadings. If you are on WordPress self hosted blog you can use “WordPress SEO by Yoast” plugin to automate all above tasks.

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4. Optimize Images– Add alt tags and title  in all of your images and make sure to optimize the size to cut the server load. For WordPress you can use Smust.it plugin to automate this task and for other platform you can use standalone software like Gimp or XnConvert. Reducing the image size without compromising its quality is called as lossless optimization and thus reduces the loading time of your website, Since Google has incorporated Site speed in ranking of Search Results.

5. Interlinking– Interlink all your related post, make sure your link contains keyword. Don’t link too deep and same keywords more than two times. If you are linking to other website (outbound links) always make sure that site you are linking to is a “Good Site”, don’t link your website to spam sites.

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6. Optimize your Website/blog– It is  proven that decreasing the loading time of your website/blog is directly affects the number of visitors/pageview. Best practice is to not exceed 100k page size and reducing unnecessary scripts and meta tags from WebPage. You can use Google Page Speed tool to check your website speed and it also suggest what action should be taken to optimize website. To optimize  your Website you can use W3 Total Cache WordPress Plugin.

7. Submit your website/blog to Search Engine/Directories– Create Google Webmaster and Analytics account submit your website including sitemap, track your rankings and other details. Submit your website/blog to Bing and other Search Engine like Baidu, Yandex  etc. Listing your website in DMoz can take more than a year but if you succeed, then it will boast your overall ranking. If you can’t wait then go for Yahoo paid listing which charges around 299$. There are many web directories where you can list your website free of cost.

Click here to Submit your website to free and paid directory

8. Easy Navigation – Make sure user can navigate your website without any problem,include two sitemaps one for visitors and other for Search Engines. Use breadcrumbs for internal sitemaps and Xml sitemaps for Search Engines.

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9. Quality Contents – Provide quality contents to your visitors, engage visitors and decrease bounce rate of your website. Don’t copy other’s work, write fresh contents,easy to read and primarily for your readers not for Search Engine.

Content is King But SEO is Queen

10. Social Network– Create Social Profile on various Social Network such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn etc and daily share your post/article’s on these Social Network. Make sure you put your domain name in Social Network Profiles.

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There are many SEO TIPS For 2013 But top ten are listed above, if you have any other tips you can share with us in the comments below. In mean while feel free to explore rest of our Blog.

Bonus Tip

#.  Add your Business Website on Google Maps or FourSquare and make sure you update them regularly, this will improve your local SEO.

article source: http://www.ebuzznet.com/top-10-google-seo-tips-for-2013/

Importance of SEO in Web Design

SEO is very important in web design and the right strategies have to be implemented to benefit from a fully effective website. Web design is an integral element of any website. It decides the basic framework and performance of the website, and SEO is the most important consideration for a web designer.
The very existence of a website depends on the success of its SEO strategy. A winning web design is therefore one that successfully incorporates SEO considerations. SEO web designshould ensure the website is easily navigable for users, and for the search engine algorithms to follow through. The website should also load quickly.

How Google Penguin Influences Web Design 

Google’s Penguin algorithmic updates focus more on user-friendliness. So the web design must not interfere with the content of the website which is unarguably most important. Quality content, instant page loading and easy navigation are given more emphasis by Google’s updated algorithms. The objectives of attaining favorable search rankings, attracting maximum traffic and facilitating greater conversions decide the way the website should be designed and its various elements arranged  – content sections, images, interface, videos, shopping cart, and so on.

Reducing Bounce Rate for Increased Conversions 

Users visiting your website should be motivated to stay there and check its many features which would lead them to sign up for your products or services, fill up forms or directly purchase your stuff through your ecommerce page. One of the major objectives of SEO web design is to ensure reduced bounce rate – keeping visitors in your website. Increased bounce rate not only reduces the chances of conversions, but also leads search engine algorithms to rank the website lower.

Designing a Simple and Attractive Interface

An attractive design and a pleasant interface can help improve user experience and bring more traffic to your website. This is one of the key focuses of website design. For this it is important to balance simplicity and attractiveness. Images and animation make a website attractive, but too many of them could make a website slow to load depending on the speed of the Internet connection of users.

Impressing Audience within Eight Seconds

It is said that eight seconds is generally the time in which a website should manage to impress the audience and make them its customers. It’s easy for users to lose patience with a website that loads at snail’s pace. Website design should therefore include the right balance between attractive design elements and simplicity. The design or interface should not inhibit the user’s ability to go through content, product listings, and other aspects.
The importance of SEO in web design is perfectly understood by a website design company which is basically an SEO company.  A reliable firm will offer flexible and result-oriented services.

Article Sourcehttp://www.ideamarketers.com/?SEO_Web_Design&articleid=3571719

Successful Websites With Professional SEO Services……. By Dondu Linkan

An official website is like a mirror which reflects a lot about the values and cultures an organisation follows. It is a reflection of the company and its brand to a user who is new to its name.

Online exposure has become vital in modern day business. With more and more people turning to the internet for all their professional and personal needs, companies have begun to recognize it as a viable platform for publicity and sales.

There may be a few impediments in this regard for the companies. They have to be armed with sites that are not only made attractively and with complete information, but are also performers when it comes to search engine results.

Studies have clearly indicated that a website that even features outside the first five on the first page of the search engine result has lesser chance of visibility among web users. This makes it all the more essential that companies take the assistance of professional SEO services and SEO consultants who will be able to guide them with a proper launch of their company websites.

Importance of Professional SEO Services

There are several ways that a professional SEO services firm can be of help and assistance for a website.

Link Building Services – The task of link building is an important one. This alone ensures effective exposure and good search engine rating for your websites. This is also an easy way to pull better and productive traffic to your site. However, the task of link building and its submission is a tough task if done manually. SEO firms have tools and techniques that they employ in doing it easily and swiftly.

Keywords Generation Services – Keywords are vital when it comes to search engine rankings. Professional SEO services provide related and viable list of keywords for your website that will enable a better search engine ranking and visibility among users. SEO firms also have tools that enable a complete analysis and assessment of all the keywords.

Article Submission Services – There are several blogging websites that accept article submissions. SEO consultants can assist in article submission services that will submit articles on behalf of your site and lead to the main web page after a point in the article.

Content Management Services – The standard and accuracy of the website content is crucial for its success. SEO services firms will have to check content for plagiarism, accuracy, succinct language and clarity of explanation. It is also vital that the content of a website is occasionally refreshed with newer inputs so as to make for interesting reading as well as provide a newer perspective.

These are some of the aspects that are important for the success of a website when it comes to matters of search engine optimization and enhanced visibilities. Merely the construction of a well designed website may not be enough for a company as long as the same is not viewed and appreciated by the clients and patrons on the internet.

Effective business results too will be indicative of the success of professional SEO services.


Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Dondu_Linkan


Goa – Most Fascinating Place in India


It would be located in India’s Western part. It would be a past Portuguese colony with a wealthy record. It would be 3,700 kilometers with a resident of around 1.4 million. It has a single combine of inhabitant and Portuguese civilizations and structural design that magnetizes the predictable 2.5 million visitors each year.  Panaji would be the capital state of Goa. It would also be recognized as Panjim, Ponnje or Pangim.  It would be one of the most delightful cities in India. Goa would be a heart of tourism in India. It would be obviously dissimilar from the rest of India, due to Portuguese law which isolated it from the rest of India for 451 years.

Historical overview:

In the middle of the 18th century the region under profession had prolonged to most of Goa’s present day condition restrictions. Concurrently the Portuguese misplaced other belongings in India until their limitations stabilized and twisted the Estado da India Portuguesa, of which Goa was the major region. After India increased independence from the British in 1947, Portugal declined to discuss with India on the relocate of the dominion of their Indian enclaves. On 19 December 1961, the Indian Army originated with function. It ensues in the occupation of Goa, Daman and Diu into the Indian amalgamation.

Cultural overview:

People: The people in Goa would be a single race for more traditions than one. This uniqueness and also a separateness of the Goa have resulted more from centuries of privacy both supporting and biological. So the ruler trait of the people in Goa would be the constituent of blending; mingling of cultures, civilizations and existences.

Language and religion: Konkani would be the representative language of Goa which would be written in Devanagri script. The other major languages spoken in the state would be Marathi, Kannada and Urdu. Gujarati and Hindi would be also spoken by a significant number of the population of the state. The Hinduism, Christianity and Islam would be the three major beliefs followed in Goa. There were also Sikhs, Buddhists and Jains.

Local festivals and art and music: The state of Goa would be rich in civilization and heritage and art. The performing art in Goa would be an area of expertise and a single feature of the state of Goa. Though these entire forms drop under the broad categorization of dance, drama and music, so far each of these performing arts in Goa has a separate Goan flavor and can be easily be distinguished from those of the other states.

Food: The clip diet of Goa would be fish curry and rice. Unlike the rest of India, most Hindus in Goa eat fish. In the monsoons, when no fresh fish would be accessible, most Goa has extremely long faces.

Travel within the city:

Goa would split into two districts North Goa and South Goa. North Goa comprises the capital town of Panjim, the previous capital of Old Goa, Fort Aguada and Candolim, Chapora, Vagator, and the beaches Calangute, Anjuna, and Baga. South Goa includes Vasco da Gama, Bogmalo, Margao, Colva and Benolem. Being near to the sea, Goa get pleasure from a maritime climate, with April and May being very blistering The beaches such as Dona Paula, Calangute, Anjuna, Colva, Miramar, and Vagator can be evaluated with the most excellent beaches around the earth.

Eating out:

Park Hyatt Goa Resort and Spa: It would be an award-winning hotel snuggled along the pristine Arossim Beach and 15 minutes from Dabolim Airport. Set within 45 acres of landscaped gardens with radiance waterways and lagoons, the resort merges stylishness with characteristic local character; completely the lively inheritance of Goa.

Majorda Beach Resort: It would be situated on an extensive stretch of soft clear white sand in South Goa. One can reach her in 15 minutes after deboarding from an aircraft at the Dabolim International Airport and in 10 minutes after blazing from Margao Konkan Railway Station.


The major regions for shopping in Goa would be the major cities that would be on the radar. To select from, if one desires to go in for the everyday possessions then visiting the Margao bazaar or the Mapusa Friday Market would be a better choice. This would be because all the items that would be essential would be found in one place and also at a moderately cheaper charge. Margao and Mapusa are two of the main towns of Goa. If an individual takes keen interest in the junk jewelry or any other accessories one should visit the Anjuna Flea bazaar. The bazaar would be only open on Wednesdays. If gift items with a cultural touch would be required then making a option and visiting the Government Emporia will establish to be obliging.

Weather and Best Time to Visit:

The normal daytime temperatures of 25C to 30C and standard sunshine hours of 10 hours a day, Goa actually would be the place for definite sun and heat. The most excellent occasion to visit Goa would be from the end of October through until the end of April. At the same time as the temperature in Goa stays elevated all through the year the Southwest Monsoon season begins in June and ends at the end of September. During the monsoon season, rainfall of between 250cm and 300cm would be standard. It might reveal you to recognize that holidays to Goa during the monsoon season would be flattering more popular as more people desire to spectator the tremendous weather circumstances. July receives the most rainfall, at the same time as February would be the driest month.

How to Reach by:

By Air:

One can reach Goa very simply as it would be linked through flights to all main cities in India as well as some international destinations in UK and Gulf countries. The Dabolim Airport situated near the town of Vasco Da Gama would be Goa’s exclusive airport and can be reached from any place in Goa by hiring local transport.

By Road:

One can lease interstate buses that would be run by the Government owned tourist corporations or private cabs from nearby places to reach Goa. For travel within the city, you could also lease motor bikes and cars on every day leasing plan.

By Train:

Goa has a well planned system of railways and commendable railway tracks. India’s all significant and main metro towns would be associated to Goa through railways.

Attractions spot:

1.    Basilica of Bom Jesus: It would be the oldest place of New Goa it would be in a Vasco city of Goa, In this church you will discover the body of an old priest who was dying many years back but his body would be there they protect the body because people believe that the body still growing every year.

2.    Tomb of St. Francis Xavier:  This would be more than just another tomb in a cathedral and the method people pray at this time or simply stand and stare gets this across even better.

 3.    Casino Royale Goa: It would be the major balanced Casino in Goa. It would be definitely the classiest. It has a gaming floor dedicated to all table games.

4.    Old Goa: The Portuguese Viceroys, so first go to the Viceroy`s Arch. Vasco da Gamas sculpture looks to the river.

5.    Se Cathedral: The Se Cathedral enters from the direction of the Church of St. Cajetan so you can organize your visit to come from there or head over to it on leaving the Cathedral.

6.    Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception: A church often seen in film shoots, both located in central Panjim. It’s full white and has many steps going into it in a criss cross pattern.

7.    Fontainhas: Must visit the place in Goa, the narrow lanes and the house are reminiscent of another era.

 8.    Casino Carnival Goa: Casino Carnival established in 2001, by the promoters of Goan Carnival and Leisure Pvt. Ltd endeavors to fabricate the essence of Extravagant.

9.    Anjum Beach: It’s a nice beach, but there are too many people here on the beach, all the other beaches around are also equally interesting as it stretches from Vagator in the north to Aguada in the south including Calangute, Baga, & Candolim along with Anjuna in between.

10. Chapel of Our Lady of the Mount: Historic and beautiful. The approach is nice and easy.

11. Church Square: very nice facade makes it magnificent. Lotsa steps so not for people with weak knees. Located centrally, everybody knows it.

12. Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary: This is a garden in the heart of the city very green and can spend good time here. However they can still do a lot to maintain it well Good for Children as it is on just near the city Center.

 13. Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary: the beautiful place is located just 5 km away from the historical town Goa.  The sanctuary is home to several rare and beautiful birds specious. Travelers all over the world visit this beautiful place in search of peace and love.

14. Portuguese monuments: This city includes various historical monuments and ancient myths about the Portugal period of Indian ancient culture. Portuguese sailors pray here after their journey from Portugal. The church is well lighted for visitor’s pleasure.

15. Miramar and Dona Paula Beach: Miramar and Dona Paula Beach are two nearest beaches in the city many tourists visit Goa for this relaxing beach. This region filled with various colonial residues, historic churches and many heritage monuments which attract more travelers.

Manali – Trip To Snow Land Of India


Manali is a beautiful hill station located in Himachal Pradesh. The snow covered mountains and exciting weather attract more travelers to Manali. Manali trip has now materialized as one of the most important traveler spots due to its spectacular ski locations and stunning snowstorm through winters and haughty peaks protecting it. It is situated at approximately two thousand meter altitude in the Himalayas on the Beas River, is an environmental wonder and a remarkable small delight enclosed in luminous white snow. It has also gathered overall interest in current years with the exposure of its elevated grades tranquil for skiing and climbing by different obsessive mountaineers.

Historic overview:

Manali has more myth than the history. Based on the Hindu mythology, Manali is home to lawgiver Manu. The great king saved Manali from various troubles. Manali is a beautiful and lovely hill station. The weather is very optimal round the year. The British discovered this city during the 20th century. Its climate and beautiful natural landscape attract lots of travelers from all over the world. Manali slowly began to obtain the status of a tourist destination. This city gained more popularity among the travelers in past two decades. After a long history, Manali becomes a base camp for travelers willing to trek the beautiful Himalayan Mountains.

Cultural overview:

People: The people of Manali are considering as oldest origin of India. The Tibetan and inland refugees start coming from Tibet and settled in Manali.

Language and religion: the people in Manali usually speak languages like Hindi, English, Tibetan and Pahari. The inhabitant of Manali is Buddhist religion. The tribal people follow the own customs and culture.

Local Festivals & Art and music: The festival seasons are more famous in Manali. The people from Manali are Buddhist followers they rejoice all the Buddhist functions astonishingly.

Food: Manali is a cold weathered city. It’s very enjoyable in summer and sub-zero cold in the winter. The wheat and fresh vegetables are the most common foods in Manali. Tribal people still go for hunting.

 Travel within the City:

Manali is a gorgeous city with a spotless environment. The cool weather, obviously perfumed air and pleasant breeze solve out all your stress and make you contented. Travelers from all over the world love to visit this beautiful city. Manali is covered with peaks and mountains. Yak riding is excellent choice to explore the beauty of Manali. These buses run at permanent times and are the best way to attain the nearby traveler’s destinations.

Eating Out:

Manali is an outstanding destination for enjoying the traditional Indian foods. The foods are reasonably priced to accommodate the travelers from all over the world. Here are some popular restaurants in Manali.

Chopsticks: the well-known restaurant in Manali serves Indian, Chinese and Tibetan foods. This is one of the oldest restaurants in this beautiful city.                

Khyber: the upstairs hotel provides an exciting view of the city. This restaurant hosts the Indian, Chinese and Tibetans food stuffs.


Manali is very renowned for Tibetans handicraft and knickknacks. The thick forest and abundant lumber accessibility the wood carvings are very cheap in Manali. This place is perfect to get authentic and good excellence woolen dresses. The woolen garments are available in the latest style and trend. The Tibetan and native Manali residents have a practice of handicrafts, which are obtainable in abundance.

Weather and Best Time to Visit:

Manali is situated in the foothills of Himalayan Mountain. The Manali experience cool and pleasant weather throughout the year. Travelers love to travel these places during summer season. You can experience low temperature during winter’s hover around zero degrees.

The most outstanding time to visit this beautiful city is during the October and December. It’s also ideal to time to tour Manali in the June. The breezes from Himalayan mountain chili out this beautiful city further. Throughout this time, the climate is very enjoyable and warmth never crosses 27°C and lowest amount is about 10°C. Through this time, one can take pleasure in lots of things like boating, paddling, fishing, trekking etc.

How to Reach By:

By Air: Bhuntar Airport is the nearest airport to the beautiful city Manali. It’s located 50 Kms away from Manali.  The Bhuntar airport well linked with the Delhi international airport.

By Road: Manali has an excellent road network. The city is well connected with all major cities in India.  Private buses in Himachal Pradesh connect this beautiful city.

By Train: Joginder Nagar nearest railway station near to Manali. The station is located 50 km from Manali. All the major cities well connected by these stations.

15 traveler’s attraction in Manali:

1. Hadimba Temple:  the Hadimba temple in Manali is dedicated to lord Hadimba. The temple is well linked with the ancient Hindu myth.  The temple was constructed in the year 1553. The structure and design of this temple are very similar to Pandava temple. The architecture of this temple is stunning.

2. Tibetan Monasteries: larger number of Tibetan migration lives in this place. The Monasteries were built in the year 1969. The main attractions of this spiritual residence are a medium-sized statue of Lord Buddha and bright wall paintings.

3. Nyingamapa Gompa Monasteries: the Himalayan Nyingamapa Gompa is the famous Monasteries in Manali. The temple was dedicated to the Lord Buddha. The structure of the temple is very similar to the Tibetan monasteries.

4. Manu Temple: the temple is one of the famous tourist attractions in Manali. The temple was dedicated to Manu. It’s considered that the Manali derived from the Manu. The historical and mythological structure lots of travelers from all over the world.

5. Rohtang Pass: this beautiful place is located 51 km away from the beautiful city Manali. The place is famous for highest road in the world. The road covers the beautiful Himalayan mountain range. Adventure travelers love to visit this beautiful place for a thrilling experience.

6. Rehalla Falls:  the beautiful falls are located 16 km away from the Manali city center. The fall originated in the dripping water from dissolving glaciers and perpendicular stones. The waterfall is 9,000. The stunning view and exciting landscape attract lots of travelers from all over the world.

7. Vashist Springs:  the beautiful spring is located just 3 km away from Manali. The spring rises out in the stone of Vashist. It’s believed that the water has the capability of curing several diseases. Travelers from all over the world visit this beautiful spring.

 8. Arjun Gufa: the beautiful and historical place is located 15 km away from the beautiful city Manali. The ancient Hindu mythology states that the Pandava brothers stayed in these beautiful place. They attain Pashupata Ashtra in this place.

9. Jagatsukh: its located just 6 km away from the beautiful city Manali. The place is home to the biggest rural community in Manali. The city is located on the riverbanks of Beas. The temple is dedicated to lord Shiva. In ancient past the place served as capital to Manali.

10. Nehru Kund: it’s located on the Manali-Keylong Road. The beautiful place is located just 6 km away from Manali. The Kund inherited its name from Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Nehru Kund is chiefly noted for the freshwater spring, which starts off from the Brhigu Lake.

11. Roerich Art Gallery: the famous art gallery is home with paintings of Nicholas Roerich. This artist came from Russia and stayed in this beautiful place. Roerich was a gifted artist and had the dream of uniting the world by means of imaginative creations.

12. Naggar: this beautiful heritage hotel is located just 28 Km away from Manali. The place is home to   the Naggar Castle earlier, currently, the home is converted into a heritage hotel by the tourism department in Manali.

13. Rahala waterfalls: Rahala waterfalls and the Rozy falls which are positioned at the launching spot of Rohtang exceed. Ramble up the Rohtang exceed and sight the imposing Himalayan Mountains from up on the crest where the cold breezes will make your spirit tremble in the face of the huge Mountains.

14. Prini town: Devi Sharvati temple and a Shiva temple build in the Shikara technique of construction are two major holds of Jagatsukh. It will spotlight on Arjun Gufa. This visitor’s intention sited in Prini town is in a space of five kilometers from Manali. In the delayed dusk, travel around trip will go back to lodge for feast and all night stay.

15. The Solang valley: the Solang valley is a popular traveler’s destination in Manali. The snow covered mountain, stunning view of glacier, exciting landscape makes this place perfect. The valley located just 13 km away from the beautiful city Manali. The valley is residence to Mountaineering and Allied Sports hostel Manali. Get to Manali and enjoy your trip amazingly.